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Borreal Valley, near Distant Manor bonfire. Backtrack to sewers, go through Onion Knight's hideout, fight the 3 knights in the hall and check the 3 chests upstairs.
improves thrust weapon counters
dark firelink optional location behind illusory wall after oceiros boss
That's the Hornet Ring. It's different.
Does anyone know the %?
So it buffs all thrust weapon attacks? Why does it say counter atk? Do i have to wait for enemies to atk first?
if I'm thinking correctly counter attack is when you parry an enemys attack and stab them in the stomach, so it would boost that damage.


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it works the same as allways did - when your opponent mid-animation of attack OR he aattacked your shield and got distracted for a brief moment - you get bonus to damage when attack him with thrust attack (but i dont know what % here in dark souls 3)


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Unless my timing for the counter is off the Dragonslayer swordspear does not gain the extra damage. This may be due to it thrust attacks having a lightning property. In the previous souls games the dragonslayer spear received similar treatment with the leo ring thanks to its elemental properties.
It does work with the Dragonslayer Spear in Dark Souls 1; but only for the physical damage.
Would this be better then a hunters ring on an estoc
Can somebody explain how this exactly works? what mean counter attack? parry? backstab? it doesnt work on parrys and backstabs tested for me so... plz somebody help me thx :D
when an opponent is in the middle of an animation, that's when you can counter attack
Does that count for the Katana running attack ?
Yes, I use it on my Washing Pole to great effect.
Does the Leo ring work with infused weapons? Example: fire Estoc
Yes but it only amplifies the physical dmg