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in sewers near Distant Manor bonfire (backtrack a bit)
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Thank you you have no idea how vague the location on this post is
By Anonymous
are these greirats ashes
By Anonymous
These are not greirat's ashes, these are in the same room though (inside a little cell like thing)
By Anonymous
It's covered with crap. Will get hands dirty.
By Anonymous
"Oh to savor the sweet pungency but once more..."
By Anonymous
It says so in the dung pie and siegbrau descriptions too. People miss being able to take dumps. It's kind of sad when you think about it.
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By iota-09
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or maybe they were just coprophagous
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your comment demands applause.
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Why touch it?! Eewww, how did she even know it was ash, its covered in wet sewer *****, could had been soil. I bet that old lady smells like crap. She sells poop. I bet she wanders around collecting feces and opening up animals for poo.
By Anonymous
Hands down the best investment in the game.
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Let this ash bestow nourishment.
By Anonymous
I think this is a nod to the hollow woman in the sewers in Dark Souls that sells you moss.