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By Anonymous
Really wish I would have known this on my first playthrough: if you lead the demon down to the lower platform where all the skellies spawn, then quickly run back up to where you entered the room, they mobs will attack him and if you're lucky nearly kill him. I ended up just having to hit him once or twice after he killed all the skeletons.
By Anonymous
Smoldering lake, more specifically, demon ruins is the chalice dungeons of dark souls. I wonder if elden ring will have chalice like dungeons
By Anonymous
Recommended Levels: 40 to 55
me: 80+ cathedral knight set + great mace xD
By Anonymous
this area gave me PTSD
By Anonymous
Another Dark Souls game another unfinished lava themed area (Nowhere near as bas as Lost Izalith tho!)
By Anonymous
The fact that you don't like this area doesn't make it unfinished
By Anonymous

Bad I could see but unfinished?
By Anonymous
There's a Ghru behind you.
By Anonymous
i still get lost here
By Anonymous
beware its possible to get cancer playing this for too long
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i hate this area so much oh my
By Anonymous
i never understood it properly, but there is a shortcut in the smoldering lake that drops you straight in the corridor with a bonfire/izalith pyro tome/a crystal lizard with a chaos gem. In the upper part, you need to bait the ballista to fire in a area with a clearly man made ground. It will open a passage for you to drop into.
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