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By Anonymous
Actually this is latin, but at least you tried :-D
By Anonymous
It's latin?!And it's a placeholder, learn to read.
By Anonymous
really encourage everyone to go through this zone early, have more large titanic shard than other zone combine.
By Anonymous
Hitting the sides of the bridge breaks it, not just running across
By Anonymous
Alright y'all! Here is what to do if you want an easy fight!Run towards it, you might get hit by a single lightning attack, but just get behind it. It won't turn around.When facing its back, to the right there is a small path with a semi-large boulder at the beginning, hide behind that. The ballista will keep shooting at you, but you're protected there. BUT! The worm will take damage from each shot and eventually die! Reap the rewards!You're welcome.
By Anonymous
while the ballista on the left hand side of the room facing the ballista there is a stone wall the ballista will break it and behind it is the ring
By Anonymous
This place is hell.
By Anonymous
This place is very scaled poorly compared to the rest of the areas so far be prepared get two shotted by anything.
By Anonymous
walkthrough was missing the stoneplate ring grab, edited it in and a few other things were clarified to make it easier to understand
By Anonymous
There are 2 different Lava pits which one has the toxic mist and the white talisman?
By Anonymous
I think its the one behind the secret wall near the rats.
By Anonymous
Not the Tsorig dude one.
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