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I don't understand the logic of this area. A MECHANICAL catapult shoots you with homing arrows.
It's a ballista, firing TOW bolts
F*ck this place so much, it has some of the most annoying enemies in the game (not including the bonewheel a-holes and the curse spewing sh*t frogs, these guys are on a whole other level of annoyance), at least it's optional.
Is there even a fire gem here??? Couldn't find no.1 Fire Gem
There is a Chaos gem way in the back. It's near the 3 or 4 giant crabs so it's best to kite them away and pick them off one at a time.
Chaos gem crystal lizard in the ruins as well.
Smoldering lake!!?! More like... Err... I didn't know where I was going from there... I'll see myself out...
Speedrun walkthrough: SKIP
***** this place sideways. The crabs are lazy and the worm is meh but the ruins? Jesus christ. ***** those one-hitting pyros with the pre-spawned stunlocking turrets, ***** the swarming ghrus and ***** Tsorig in the ear. There's something to be said about an area when the least aggravating thing on it is a room chock full of basilisks. And sure, it is an optional area, if not because it's where half of the pyromancies and chaos gems are tucked away into. Truly a compendium of the most annoying, broken and spammy enemies in the game placed in an level specifically built to really bring out their horse*****Far and away the worst area in the game.
*sonic comes in* Did someone say Chaos? Gems? Are those like emeralds? CHAOS CONTROLL
My strategy for this area: Spook + Hidden Body, collect the stuff and gtfo
TFW you just wanted the shield of want, so you follow this guide as you go thinking it’s deep in the chamber, only to find out that to get the shield you could have easily rolled in, grabbed it, covered by a tree to homeward bone back to a bonfire, and get back to soul farming So much time wasted lmao
F*** this place. So much. For so many reasons. Been a while since a game actually managed to make me ragequit.
All for one chaos gem...
This area is a representation of everything bad in this game