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How exactly should I jump there? Just can't do it :/
You have to jump extremely late, and I mean late off that ledge, I was having the same problem. Keep trying it, jumping later and later each time.
stop jumping just fall down and go to the bonfire, there is a illusionary wall in the room that leads to it aswell.
If you miss the jump all you have to do is go left up the stairs to the bonfire room and go through the illusory wall in the corner.
Which bonfire?
If you die to him you'll get gesture.
I had a lot of problems with Tsorig, but I found an easy way to deal with him. Go down to his location and lure him back from where you came and the head up the stairs towards the bridge above the lava pit. Lure him towards the knight across the bridge, and trigger the knight to attack. Tsorig will then attack the knight when he gets close to him (at least he did in my playthrough), and the knight will fight back. In my case, the knight even knocked Tsorig off the bridge to his death (then I just had to return to the bonfire and return to Tsorig's location and pick up his items). Even if the knight doesn't kill Tsorig for you, I'm sure he can be helpful by chipping away some of Tsorig's HP. Sorry if other people have already commented on this, I just wanted to share the tip.
Greetings, just to share my experience with the bastard Tsorig, after dying countless times (wound up with around 130 titanite Shards from all the running back to him) I tried bringing him down to the lava room and during the fight he sidestepped into it and killed himself. I felt kind of cheated because I wanted to kill his *** but I was glad it was finally over.
any idea why worm won't appear again? It appeared the first time i entered and it won't respawn?
if u havnt killed it try going near the spot its suppose to appear somtimes its hiding under the ground till u get neat it
I'm on PS4
Once it's dead, it's dead and won't respawn.
its not immune to toxic/poison take damage when did alot but did not do much damage
Just found a titanite scale in the room with the basilisks. Don't see it mentioned anywhere, could it be a random drop from the basilisks?
There is a black knight by the bridge that leads up to the ballistae. You can kite him straight to Tsorig, and it usually ends up killing him essily.
Tsorig killed the black knight haha :D
Dungeon under lake is pretty hard at first time. If you're not sure about yourself or opposite - go there and die few times. Then proceed to Irithyll
Why is the speedrun walkthrough in latin??
Nobody's replaced the filler text.
Loren ipsum is standard Filler text.
It's all in latin not just the beginning