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By Anonymous
65Att: 2 slotsFth: 28
By Anonymous
Tested it last night for a bit. Defense and Attack appear to be a flat 10% increase.Magic adjust has no effect.
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By Xerav
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You sure it`s % increase (try a faster low damage weapon maybe?)
By Anonymous
does this effect spell damage?
By Anonymous
Yes. Yes it dose.
By Anonymous
in what dose would you advice, doc ?
By Anonymous
for lore purposes
By Anonymous
gives about 8% to all physical and all magical damage absorption at 32 faith and 135 buff power
By Anonymous
The buff given by sunlight sword skill and sacred oath do not stack. Sunligh sword offers slightly more damage, but less defenses. Exact numbers are around 2 and 2%
By Anonymous
Does this increase weapon elemental damage?
By Anonymous
Only physical damage is affected by the 10% increase.
By Anonymous
Unsure it just adds to your AR. It does increase the strength of miracles/pyromancy as well.
By Anonymous
does this stack with any other buffs?
By Anonymous
stacks with weaponbuffs (darkmoon blade for instance).
By Anonymous
It says on the page for Deep Protection that Sacred Oath stacks with it, so I would assume so. They may have to be cast in a certain order, however
By Anonymous
Sunlight spear lvl 50 faith with saint's talisman against lothric knight goes from ~900 to about 1100. Add about 800 with the point blank modifier.
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