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By Anonymous
Be it demon souls or this comment section, Karla cannot escape this rapistss
By Anonymous
God I wish Karla would non-consensually have her way with me.
By Anonymous
Stop it, get some help.
By Anonymous
Y'all motherfers need to stop simping on a fictional character
By Anonymous
Is that you firekeeper? Jelly?
By Anonymous
But their comments are hilarious
By Anonymous
maidenless runts ahead
By Anonymous
balls itch ngl
By Anonymous
You probably caught something from Karla. I'm sorry. The word is that she's not very hygienic down there.
By Anonymous
Being honest I was looking forwards to meeting her judging from all the memes and fanart i've seen of her - after I did so I was really let down. She oozes personality but honestly her VA undersells her and she has very little going for her in the way of quests or just any relevancy.

Best man Cornyx is still more loveable by far. Oh, and Orbeck is also great and he even has himself a questline.
By Anonymous
pls step on me karla plsssss
By Anonymous
Aah, I wish the game had an option to request Karla's domme services.
By Anonymous
What the heck?!
By Anonymous
Wtf bro
By Anonymous
Y’all making me go hollow

By Anonymous
Cute, Goth, Useful, and doesn't have a convoluted story quest that can be missed and that she'll inevitably die. Yup, pure waifu material right there.
By Anonymous
Also, comments here are pure lmao material. Read them at your own risk.
By Anonymous
I'm worried for these people
By Anonymous
Her puckering rosebud is so delicious
By Anonymous
The smelliest part of the smelliest girl!
By Anonymous
Imagine how smelly it must be from all the sweat trapped by her all-natural body hair!
By Anonymous
Y'all need to stop with the horny for 3 SECONDS!
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