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By Anonymous
She is found at the bottom of the Irithyll Dungeon in a cell. The visual indication that you are in the right area is when you see about 6-8 of the branding witches with lanterns walking around
By Anonymous
As to her location in FireLink, under the blacksmith. Go down the left stairs (from facing the blacksmith), she is under them.
By Anonymous
Do you know where she is in Firelink Shrine, after freeing her? I freed her but can't seem to find her anywhere.
By Anonymous
where does she go after you talk to her in the cell?im assuming shes somewhere in the hub
By Anonymous
Go the left when facing the blacksmith. She's under those stairs you use to go down (and face Greirat)
By Anonymous
She moves to the right of greirats location, under the stairway that goes up to the blacksmith andre
By Anonymous
I'm incredibly pissed off, I was playing just now and unbeknownst to me the giant rat nearby had followed me into her cell and proceeded to attack me, which killed her.I presume there's nothing I can do to salvage this? I alt+f4'd as soon as it happened but it wasn't fast enough to save her.
By Anonymous
is it the hat? the dark magic? or the fact that she's imprisoned for witchcraft?
By Anonymous
It's not just her item descriptions. When you say you want to free her, she flat tells you HERSELF that she is. It's weird that there isn't more to this character, because that's kind of a big deal.
By Anonymous
She doesn't proclaim herself a "child of dark", if you're thinking along the lines of "a fragment of Manus" like Nashandra. In her dialogue she refers to herself as a "child of the abyss" and further elaborates in Firelink that all humans are children of the abyss, but that most choose to deny that truth. Furthermore, as she herself tells you and as can be found from her item descriptions, she was imprisoned for embracing this truth and for practicing the darker arts. In short; she used hexes and became branded as a witch and imprisoned as a heretic. That's all there really is to her.
By Anonymous
Karla died from a giant rat... Is my only chance to obtain her the in ng?
By Anonymous
Yes, if she dies, she doesn't come back.
By Anonymous
So is it confirmed that if you kill her she drops her equipment? Because this set would look great on my character!
By Anonymous
There's no reason to kill her for her set, unless you're really stingy with your souls. You can buy her entire set by using the same key to open the door under the stairs at the near side of the first bonfire in the prison. Make a right out of the first hallway, watching for the jailer and hollow that tries to push you off, and take a right at the end of the path, down the stairs and into the room with the cages, and the single jailer. Open the cell door to find Prisoner Chief's ashes, and give them to the Handmaiden at the shrine to purchase her set.
By Anonymous
I was able to buy her set from the Shrinemaiden after I saved her from the dungeon. Haven't tried killing her though.
By Anonymous
Her set and ashes
By Anonymous
be warned, the first one you give her... it'll be a treat =)
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