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" This is most likely due to the fact that Yhorm resembles the giants from Dark Souls 2, which are different from the aforementioned giants that come from Dark Souls 1. " No he he has a face. DS2 giants don't have faces.
Resemble- To have qualities or features, especially those of appearance, in common with (someone or something); look or seem like. He absolutely looks similar to them, if they were to wear armor. The only obvious difference is that he has a face, but it's still a resemblance. In fact, if you put a face on the Giant Lord, they would almost look like the same character.
Yhorm heavily resembles with his red eyes the early versions of the Giants in DS2, before they changed them into a hole-face-thingy. There is a giant corpse in DS2 with the old design, which has a black face, red eyes and super creepy teeths. Aside from the teeth, it is 1 to 1 yhorm.



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Pretty annoying how you end up stuck with one or two undroppable/unsellable versions of this sword because someone at FromSoft forgot to remove the "key item" tag from them after the Yhorm fight.
Does upgrading the sword boost its -gimmick- power attack?
Fake. This sword only brings Yhorm to his knees. Tested it on a giant at the Cathedral of the Deep.
I tried it on the smaller Anor Londo giants. It did pretty good damage if I got them in the head, but it didn’t feel worth it to equip it.
Different race of giant
can't be sold or discarded WAT >_< y u do dis hidetaka
does upgrading it to +5, and having 99 str and 99 dex allow to one shot yhorm, or does the damage not increese
Nope. Regardless of upgrade level, the Weapon Art will always deal the same amount of damage to Yhorm. It deals a percentage of his HP. That said, the higher the NewGame+, the more damage you deal.
I was hoping that the Storm Ruler would be effective against "King of Storms", as it was effective against "Storm King" in Demon's Souls. Would've been a lot cooler to make Yhorm a real fight and then have the optional boss' first phase be the cinematic fight that leads into the incredibly challenging Nameless King fight. And it makes sense, given how the King of Storms fight actually functions. Flying up and hitting you with ranged attacks, as well as it'd be a lot easier to hit it than to go for close range melee hits in an arena that messes with my depth perception ever so much. (I also find his head to move rather awkward for melee hits, but maybe I just suck.)
That would actually have been amazing. The real fight was always against the nameless king and the king of storms is just, eh, gotta kill this one first. And Yhorm being a gimmick fight was a great disappointment. This would have made both fights infinitely better.
Nah the if we talkin bout the legend/father of giants a parry does well



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A sharpened ruler would be deadlier than this
I do hope in the future releases(if any for Dark Souls specifically) that if they bring back weapons like this one, that it'll have more effective uses than just against Yhorm primarily. It's such a fun weapon, even with low durability it still has a nice ranged skill. Even though it's more weaker on normal enemies, good for aggro on enemies.
Ranged weapon art? Against standard enemies, it's WA range is melee distance. It only has the projectile when fighting Yhorm.