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for all his talk of the lords of cinder being real legends we aren't fit to lick the boots of, this guy is ain't too shabby himself.
This NPC can be summoned for Oceiros the consumed king
Greatest death quote ever! "You crawled out of the ground for gods sake"
Found his shield near the gravestones outside firelink shrine.
The shield's item description says that it was a sign of his betrayal, maybe he left it because he decided to pick up the torch again?
Correction he must have left the shield because he showed up later!
Yeah, i found it as well, what's up with that? Right after Orbeck disappeared, i think he might have killef him...



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According to the Watchdogs of Farron covenant page Hawkwood will kill the Old Wolf of Farron after you defeat the abyss watchers so if you do not wish to kill Hawkwood it would be best to max out the covenant on your first visit to the swamps.


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So I have obtained the dragon body stone and traveled to the abyss watcher arena to duel but hes not anywhere to be found. does anyone have any insight on this?
Its gotta be the twinkling body stone not the regular one.
You get the Farron Ring
You don't get that either, considering I only got material.
help! i attacked him by accident, how do i "un aggro" him?
You can kite him to the entrance. he won't come out of the building and you can still attack him. This is how I killed him
just kill him i kill all of the npc early
I am in the same boat! I don't know what to do!!
After you find the Morticians Ashes in the Undead Settlement and give them to the handmaid, she'll sell the key to the sewer where the statue of Velka is
Doesn't that require 20,000 souls? I aggro'ed him at the beginning of my run through. What can I do?
Talk to the statue of Velka (it is located in the dungeon with rats near the third bonfire in undead settlement, door must be opened with the key you can get from Shrine Handmaid)
I am as well. He won't stop attacking me. Can't kill him because I just started the game.
Does he respawn?