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There is a guy walking around with a cage on his back near the cursed tree boss can hop in the cage and be taken else where


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If you kill the giant tree boss before you find the cage dude then this doesn't happen. I learned this the hard way.



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please note that this is disabled if you killed the cursed greatwood boss.
Alittle late on this thread but there is an alternative way to join the mound makers covenant if you already killed the rotted cursed tree, you must be in good relations with sirris of the sunless realms and follow her quest line. its long and tedious and has many restrictions regarding other covenants, im sure this is detailed in the mound makers thread or NPC thread. but there is a second chance
so bloodborne like
this allows you to gain access to the "mound-makers" covenant
Is there no way to join the covenant after you beat the cursed tree?
under the roof where sunggly the crow nest is, there's a path "cross like" where you can find shard of estus flask, at one end (where lotrich throne is) there's an Illusory Walls and a chest where you'll find : Covetous Silver Serpent Ring ;)
When will this page get edited? I want to find all the secrets before I go to NG+, so please hurry!
If i assumed that you are amercian, would i be correct?
V Who... Who cares?
Who else thinks that twinkling dragon transformation + pyromancer class = Boss Mode
no one, you're a super noob
If you go to the circular room filled with the black knight statues on your way to Anor Londo yoy can use the prayer gesture in front of the Gwyn statue and it'll disappear revealing a long hallway, theres a set of armor in there (Brass armor) and a pedestal bathed in moonlight.
and theres a reversal ring on the right of the pedestal that you missed. Also you can just melee the statue
Um, no, I'm pretty sure a ton of people have found it before you.
Or you can just hit it?
u can roll or hit it. that is where u profor,the marage with a npc... not trying to get spoilers out there. also if u turn around from the wal there that u hit and go up to the level where u can move the platform do not move it yet. go out to theledge. u can walk in the air to find a covinet.. might take a few tryes to find. but worth it. u will find a few items in behind it on ur way down. take your time n if u miss one return to the bonfire last rested at n try again
l'homage du Gwyndolin
Needs more updates and a section to show which item you're referring to without reading to speed up perusal, but nice!
On the other side of the fake wall in anor londo with the hallway, what exactly is the value of the sex change ring?
Not even that much, it just makes you stand slightly differently.
It's just in case your character has trans-gender tendencies
It really has no value other then making you change genders. There isn't a point in the game where onever gender gets something that the other gets.
It's extremely useful, you don't even have to have surgery done.



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its actually pretty useless
It's lore based, it's there to symbolize the union between you and anti, you take her dark sigil becoming one with her and the ring shows that both of you thrive inside of your body
It's to prevent triggered SJWs
No no no it's all wrong