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Accidentally attacked the crestfallen warrior... now he just attacks me nonstop
You have to kill him to move on
well pray for Velka's absolution perhaps
soul of deserted corpse is on map but not in walkthrough
Wait what? Why is the speed run walkthrough in latin?? lol
That's just meaningless filler like you see in unfilled out documents until it is filled in with correct information. It is meaningless.
What in *****'s name.
After going up the roof to Pick the Ring get to the nearby tower drop down and Pick the stamina Ring!!
I accidentally hit one of the wooden pillars with my torch, now the place is covered in fire...any idea if this affects anything?



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Sword Master didn't drop Master's armor, only Master's attire.


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what is the best way to deal with the twin crocodile wolves down the ladder behind the iluo wall after the area with the dead giants after the pontiff sulyvhan boss fight they agro at the same time and my great axe has to little range to kill them quickly even if it does kill them in 4 or 5 hits allso i did manage to join the aldritch faithfull covenant but i did not get the achievement for doing so any reason for this?
It is possible to pull a single croco and kill him by the ladder, or you could always try summoning a phantom


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Where is this illusionary wall?
the wall is just past pontiff. if you walk past the area with the dead giants and 2 sleeping giants. then go into the room if you go to the left wall and not up the stairs its in that corner
if you killed pontiff and go out past the dead giants and two sleeping giants into the building dont go up the stairs but go to the wall on the left side at the back side of the building and thats the wall


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Don't forget to pick up the Northern set by the house where you fight the fire demon. It is located on one of the hanging corpses which you can reach and throw down via the small hut. Location is displayed on the map as number 7