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By Anonymous
It adds scaling to dex I believe
By SarkDoul
If I add this on a weapon with D str and C dex scaling, what happens as a result ? Does the C turn into B ? I tried it on the lothric knight sword and I get like a small damage buff because my dex is higher atm. But I am not sure where I wanna go with this current characters I rather not invest on dex alone.
By Anonymous
oh what i meant to say with the rosaria's fingers is at 30 tongues you get a staff that improves sorcerey damage based on luck, pretty useful if u ask me, also the rings great if your a red eye orb kind of guy
By Anonymous
yeah the tier of scaling goes up for most weapons. for example uchigatana goes from c to b if you place the sharp gem mod on it, and you can buff the weapon with flame/lightning/crystal etc through a cataylst of sorts. dex improves cast speed (although no where near as much as the rings) so it pairs well with casters. if you do rosaria's fingers to go an int dex luck build( tommy run the numbers) you can be a pretty efficient killer with minimum investment into intelligence based on what spells you want, and if going uchi or any other dex bleed weapon, your luck and dex will scale really well. also ALL THE MOB DROPS, FARMING FOR DAYS :)
By Anonymous
I'm assuming that it does at least somewhat increase the tier? Maybe at higher reinforcements it gets better tier placements, because I've noticed with more weapons specific towards refined a C, C tiered group hops into a higher tier of C, C so I don't really know.
By Anonymous
Which coal does andre need to create sharp gems and where can it be found?
By Anonymous
Farron is by the crab area to the right of the npc with a giant club there is a path over there and ull run into a black knight behind him you can find it.
By Anonymous
i can use magic weapon on this.
By Anonymous
Yes you can.
By Anonymous
upgraded the Uchigatana+4 at 19 dex with this. Saw a decrease in 9 base damage, but an increase of 21 to bonus damage. Not bad considering my dex hasn't even hit 20 yet
By Anonymous
"Does not prevent resins/buffing the infused weapon."
By Anonymous
Do i need a certain level for this infusion to even be possible?
By Anonymous
If you still wish to know, you have to get the farron coal first, you can look up where to get it on this very wiki. Pretty easy to get
By Anonymous
its not just rare, its super rare. like, youll get one, but ill be *****ed if you get a second one.
By Anonymous
Just like in Demon's Souls: if you wanna make a Dex Build... you gotta be patient, dude... but the Pay Off is OP as hell.
By Anonymous
yeah it's *****ing bull*****, i've been trying to get one for 30 hours now. SAME *****ING SPOT FARMING
By Anonymous
Seriously? Two? So at most I have 2 dex-spec weapons? ive been farming for days literally These things do NOT want to drop.
By Anonymous
I just got 5 in 10 minuets, are you sure they are rare?
By Anonymous
i read this, went to catacombs using a coin and the serpent ring and got 2 . in 5m :P lucky
By Anonymous
***** dude, maybe i will get that lucky myself! :D
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