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By Anonymous
I'm only up to the sleeping giant point and I hate this area. I blew through the 16 firebombs I had on me taking out the jailers at a distance. I could hear a wretch on the floor below me and was freaking out about where the heck the noise was coming from. Got jumpscared when I grabbed that coin off that corpse on the first level, so thanks for that, FromSoftware. At level 62, I'm technically a bit overleveled for the area, but it sure doesn't feel that way.
By Anonymous
Play on mute. You are welcome.
By Anonymous
i had 30 heart attacks
By Anonymous
Is this area optional?
By Anonymous
When I invade the dungeon, all the gates are closed and I can't get to the host who is clearly beyond them.
I haven't cleared the area myself yet but that shouldn't affect the invasion wold gates right?
By Anonymous
**** whoever it was that said that chest was just an estus shard and not a mimic
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By cheebnrun
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holy crap, that scream when i picked up that second coin in the jail cell made me **** my pants
By Anonymous
I hate this place so ****ing much man
By Anonymous
If the Prison of Hope wasn’t enough punishment then Irithyll Dungeon is for you!
By Anonymous
I hate this area for the same reason I hated the Depths in Dark Souls, poof your health bar is gone.

For anyone having trouble with the jailers on the bottom, their HP reduction won't kill you, even with all of them staring at you. If you run to where the elevator with the Dragon Torso is, they'll step off to their deaths and you'll be untouched. Then just Estus up, rather than risk their stupid ****-you-brand
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