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Anyone know how to get from here to the Profaned Capital? It seems like you need a key but I have no idea where it is...


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nevermind, I found the way through.
I missed a cell room that had a broken wall. After you cross the first bridge in the dungeons you turn to the right and then its the first cell to the left.
:o new find Light dragon
god hand?
The guy who is stretching out looks exactly like laddersmith gilligan from darksouls 2
According to the DS2
wiki, it is him.
I thought the same thing!
Picking up the first few items makes you alraedy hate and somewhat love this zone at once.

Then noticing the super broken bosses, oh hell.
I enterd a moment ago and I'm already scared for life. Just quitted and turned of my ps4 out of fear. I miss Bloodborne. T-T
Whoops I ment Monsters*
Sry...Was too long since i watched the the right Version...

My Precioussss...Gollum..Gollum
My Treasure...GOLLUM..GOLLUM
Wanna know what it is/what it was/who is.
All rise and remember Laddersmith Gilligan, for getting us around the Majula pit without Silvercat ring in Dark Souls 2, and for helping us out in Dark Souls 3 by giving us ladders in the Profaned Capital, and giving us the best gesture in the game for trolling people
Mother*****er deserved to die for being a greedy ***** and asking for so many souls for a bloody ladder
Wth is that weird bald creature with the big eyes?
At least the first one of them... it seems like hes just bugged.
You mean Gollum?
It doesnt attack and you can't talk to him...
Your mom
When I first saw that creature in the cell with the long, slimy body and the big eyes with no pupils, I just stopped. Stopped and stared at it. I saw the non-hostile one first, so I even got close to it and examined it further. After that, I peacefully left it alone, used a homeward bone to get back to the Firelink Shrine, quit the game, turned off my PS4, and thought about my life in general for a few hours. I was truly terrified.

Take note that this comment is coming from a Souls veteran, having played and completed every game except for Demon's Souls. Not even the enemies in Bloodborne disturbed me this much.
I've litterally been in the area for 5 minuts now and I'm already terrified. ***** Bloodborne was *****ing candyland compared to this. I just died intentionally and quit the game. Already *****ing hate this area.
I got too close to it, it turned around and it looked like it had a baby's face on that long disgusting leech body. Talk about being traumatized for life ._.
add the screeching in the background + I was messing with my tv settings to make the game a bit....very darker/grittier for this area. (though the colors are a nice touch) I felt like I was playin Silent Hill or Amnesia for a moment. eventually turned up brightness to see what was there......wish I never did that.
Did someone really write the speedrun in *****ing spanish?
How daft you gotta be to not know what Lorem ipsum is?
Are you soft in the head? It's not meant to mean anything. It's placeholder text until someone actually writes the guide.
I think it's Latin
Why the ***** does one make placeholder texts and especially IN *****ING LATIN!?
It's lorum ipsom you fanny ;)
its *****ing latin placeholder text come on
how the hell is he supposed to know that? who
the ***** makes placeholder text in Latin?
"Why the ***** does one make placeholder texts and especially IN *****ING LATIN!?" It's just *****ing placeholder text, jesus christ the DS3 Fanbase has an abnormally low IQ