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By Anonymous
Hello DS3 player, I am come to you for a little favour, and I will carry this message to everywhere in DS3 community.
There is a glitch that allows you to summon white sign mad phantom in Gael’s Arena (Credit to Dashingsaint), if you keep Shira alived while she invade you (you can escape her simply sprint out her aggro range), you won’t trigger gael boss cutscene, and then you could put down you purple summon white sign or summon other white purple.
Thus, a new fight club is founded, an arena in a long lost dessert under the sunset sky which sprinkle with fainted galaxy.
If you’re watching this, kindly please help me share this and invite any ds3 enthusiast you known to this new fight club, your little effort would be much appreciated.
SL25+2, SL40+4, SL60+6, SL72+8, SL90+10, SL125 Meta, SL 351++, all SL range are acceptable.
Welcome to the Gael’s Sunset Arena, the most beautiful map in the entire series, the last arena at the End of World.
I will await you there, in the End of the World, and we shall fight eternal, shiny and incandescence.
By Anonymous
bruh you broke the only rule...

By Anonymous
stop!! me uses off hand pkcs while pkcs on main hand too!! It parries and pkcs's, goodbye
By Anonymous
I don't know how or why, but this is legit the only thing I can actually get parries with
By Anonymous
To this day i'm absolutely baffled why they made it block when left-handed. That is the most dumb thing in this game, hands down.. A buckler has better defensive properties than this thing. So why?! Rapiers can stab. Curved swords can slash. This thing should too. But no, it blocks. Jesus Christ.

That being said, it makes for an interesting weapon to use with WA-allowing shields.
By GreySkale45
Starting a Daggers only run, and that unfortunately means I'm gonna have to get used to this thing's strange parry style. Wish me luck; I'll need all the help I can get.
By GreySkale45
Hi, me from the future here. I can safely say that, once you adjust to the dagger's delayed frames, it's a lot easier to work with. Any slower weapons, like Black Knights', can be reaction parried immediately. Bosses like Pontiff and Champdyr are painfully easy to parry with the dagger as long as you have the feel/instinct for it. I can't speak much for its use in PVP, as my only invader so far got L1 spammed to death by my Brigands, but I don't forsee it being a great tool anytime soon in a meta with fast or Ultra weapons.
By Anonymous
Coming back from demons souls godlike parrying dagger to this is a real bummer. That one has literally instant parries and this one not so much, but it I’ll still use it for fashion sake.
By Anonymous
I saw the annoying crystal lady using this and got demolished. So I decided i'm gonna use it. Then I stop myself and EVERYBODY says it's garbage.

b r u h
By Anonymous
I am absolutely offended by how horribly crappy the Parry Dagger is in DS3. I can't even completely comprehend how much it sucks. This thing's just sheer garbage.

Allow me to explain: the start up frames are really delayed. It's impossible to parry any quick, fast attack unless you have premonition. As a result, the extended parry frames literally can't be more useless. On top of that, the parry dagger blocks with L1 - see, this wouldn't be an issue if it didn't have 15-18 stability and a maximum of 30/20/15/15/20 damage absorption. Attempting to block anything more than throwing daggers is just cause for being instantly guardbroken.

To reiterate, the parry dagger is absolute ****. Better off with barehands, caestus, or shield.
By Anonymous
Pvp-wise, it seems like they wanted to make R1 spam harder to punish, probably to close the gap between vets and newbies.
By Anonymous
Only dumb fat Casuls would use such a trash weapon!
PKCS is so much better!
Real Pros and skilled players only ever use PKCS, the best weapon gaming history!
By Anonymous
Hi PKCS guy