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this A scale on dex makes this scythe a nice dex weapon
Do we know if it can be infused or buffed with somethin like "dark blade"



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I kind of disagree, the faith requirement on it kind of make it a good weapon for Piromancers or Heralds, unless you're thinking about using buff miracles or piromancies, you'll be better of with a Greath Scythe or a Corvian Great Scythe though since Lifehunt Scythe is now a hex you could use it with this thing on a Grimm Reaper build
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12 Faith is really not much for that good Dex Scaling in Return, i'm willing to guess that the downside is that it likely can't be infused.



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Just what I was looking for ! :D
it look like the priscilla scythe
Sweet lord, its all i ever wanted. The Frost Lord cometh!
On the one hand, the Corvian Great Scythe works like the Lifehunt Scythe and references Priscilla, but on the other hand, I've always wanted an ice scythe for my character to harness the sheer cold of the Painted World and Priscilla's ice abilities. Guess I'll just have to try both and see which one I end up enjoying more.
Pontiff looks more like Priscilla's Lifehunt. Has over 400 AR at +5 and that weapon art though... Just the the way it looks screams badass plus nobody in pvp likes frostbite and since scythes can proc through shields this thing is a havels nightmare!
Can't buff or infuse this one, upgrades via twinkling.


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Fully upgraded it has an S scaling in dex, I tried it with 75 dex, still only had 435 AR, scaling isn't working properly on this I don't think.
It seems scaling itself gets stagnant on some weapons. With like 27 Str/Dex on refined, anything beyond only gave 1 or 2 more AR. With Sharp, it started doing the same at about 33. It seems the scaling gets staunched at certain points based on scaling level. Could be wrong.
You realize there is a soft cap for scailing, it will go so far befor it will increase in dmg at all, but at 435 for a scythe that causes frost and has a wicked move set, that's almost better then the +10 dark sword. No joke.
Thats a lot of damage for a fast weapon
The reaper gains an S rating in dexterity at +3. At +5 and currently 26 dex, I gain a +134 dmg boost making it better than my +5 fire Uchigatana. It's worth looking into if you are a fan of the scythe moveset.
ofc it would be better than your katana, fire invusion eleminates the dex scaling.
I had to fight that *****er 43 times to get the scythe ***** him
Do you remember what your item discovery was?