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By Anonymous
i love and hate at the same time how it could be a sl1 op sword but it refuse to do so for 2 levels
By Anonymous
You can twohand it with carthus milkring
By Anonymous
Imo, this is the best bleed weapon for a Strength Build. Bandit Knife is a close contender, but I find the extra reach on this makes it better against Dancer, who has rarely stops moving and thus can slip out of the knife's puny reach.
By Anonymous
I get what you mean but using bandit knife against dancer the same way you do against a player works just as well. Two hand R1, either take a step or quickstep depending on distance, repeat.
By Anonymous
This is my offhand for my strength build, heavy infusion and it destroys some bosses( I’m looking at you sister Frieda) and does pretty well in pvp as long as you are aggressive asf without letting yourself get parried. I strongly suggest playing with it for sure!
By Anonymous
Bruh i infused this weapon with blood one time, very epic
By Anonymous
Nobody mentions that it has the same stamina use as the shortsword, and does a bit more damage on top of the bleed
By Anonymous
Heavy infusion actually gives this thing an A scaling
By Anonymous
Unupgraded count as +5 for matchmaking, it broke my twink char after upgrading +5
By Anonymous
Blood or Hollow gem infusion? I'm doing a Kirk Cosplay build rn.
By Anonymous
Blood, levels are expensive at sl 300+ so im too broke to afford maxing out my luck so i had to go with bleed
By Anonymous
bleed and hollow are both effected by luck. You can proc bleed better with luck, and hallow just does more damage.
By Anonymous
Hollow enhances Luck by +5 points at +10 reinforcement, granting additional resistances, item drop, and slightly more bonuses with inherent Bleed Effects. Dunno how Bleed stacks on an already Bleed based weapon.
By Anonymous
This on a Hollow Build is really fun.

Also top tier for a Penitent One Cosplay.
By Anonymous
The best about this weapon is that its versatile.
You can turn it into a weapon that causes bleed and poison for maximum annoyance and damage over time.
Or you buff it with other infusions or spells to also cause elemental damage.
You can just use it simply as a weapon for Str/Dex build and get bleed on top.
Sure there are better weapons for specialized characters, but this is a viable weapon for pretty much any build.
By Anonymous
It has terrible range and damage. With the bleed nerfs, bleed is completely useless in pvp. Even if you manage to hit someone enough times to bleed them out, another weapon would have already killed them in that many hits. There is no reason besides role playing to use this in pvp.
By Anonymous
good thing PvP is trash anyway so it doesn't matter. This thing is great in PvE which is the part of Dark Souls which matters.
By DanNozzer
They’re gonna be angry at you for saying that