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By Anonymous
Why isn't this a Great Hammer?
By Anonymous
Because it is not a Great Hammer, it is a Pole Hammer, and since there is no "Pole Hammer" weapon class, it is put into the Halberd weapon class.
By Anonymous
1. Great Hammers are the fantasy equivalant of pole hammers. 2. Archdrake Mace from Dark Souls 2 was a pole hammer and got rightfully classed as a Great Hammer.
By Anonymous
Really under-rated weapon. Moveset is one of the few Halberds that has Hyper Armor on every 2H attack, excellent crowd control, reasonable weight and Dex requirements, solid damage on almost any build.
By Anonymous
Ah yes, the superior Black Knight Halberd. It’s even easier to get.
By Anonymous
I think there's something very important that this article misses!

During my playthrough i noticed that same attacks would deal different amount of damage to the enemies, or even weirder - sometimes my R2 attack would deal less damage than my R1 attack.
Of course the first logical thing to assume is its because of the thrust counter attack bonus. But the damage difference was too big, and enemies were not doing anything, i was just wailing on them.

During my playthrough i was nervous about reaching Carthus, because skeletons are highly resistant to thrust damage and i hate them.
HOWEVER! When i actually reached the catacombs i found something very interesting.
The same R1 attack of a +4 RAW Lucerne would occasionally deal either 102 or 178 damage on the same enemy. This is too much difference for just the thrust bonus.

After some testing i realized that i would get the 102 damage when i would hit a skeleton with very end of lucerne and 178 when i would hit them point blank.
Lucerne doesn't reliably deals JUST thrust damage. It appears that when hitting enemies at point blank range you actually hit them with the hilt, dealing strike damage instead (which skeletons are very weak to). Although it could be Stanbdart as well, but i have my doubts.

HOWEVER! This rule only applies to R1 attacks. No matter how much i played around with range with R2 and weapon art i couldn't make them to cause the same damage discrepancy. In fact, they seem to reliably deal thrust damage only.
By Anonymous
Well this is certainly odd, the damage seems to be Strike when you hit with the hilt but it’s considerably lower than if you hit with the end of the weapon so the only time you are able to use it to your advantage is with enemies that are specifically weak to Strike but also resistant to Thrust. Every other time hitting with the hilt will prove counterproductive. Enemies that fall into that category are: Skeletons (as you have mentioned), Giant Crabs and Gargoyles for some reason even though the wiki doesn’t state that they are resistant to Thrust. Every other enemy that is just weak to Strike such as Pontiff Knights or Devout of the Deep will take more damage from getting attacked by the end of the Lucerne.
By Anonymous
For a NON TWINK (no leo ring) SL 25 character, this or Red Hilted Halberd?
By Anonymous
Lucerne should never be used without the Leo ring.
By Anonymous
wdym? Lucerne does exclusively thrust damage, meaning that every counter hit is a thrust counter hit
By Anonymous
I hate that the dev team looked at a giant HAMMER on a pole and said "Nah lmao lets make it only use the tiny pointed side for literally every attack, the hammer is just there for decoration".

It CORRECTLY used the hammer side in Demon's Souls, and then some dude on their team got it into their head it was wrong and has made it use exclusively the tiny pointed side ever since. The series already has a war pick weapon that is basically the exact same thing. WHY did they keep getting a PoleHAMMER wrong?
By Anonymous
The lucerne design was actually specifically designed to puncture on both ends, neighbor; look more closely above and you'll see that even the "hammer" end is actually made up of four spikes with a recessed diamond-shaped center. If memory serves, this was designed as a footman's counter to heavy cavalry, where the aim was largely to embed either end into a steel breastplate and yank a mounted man out of his saddle.
By Anonymous
lmao get put in your place psued
By Anonymous
This weapon whips so much. Hit em with the overhead POKE and then finish with the SPIN TO WIN
By Anonymous
This + Leo ring + Ruin set = Ruin sentinel
By Anonymous
This + the Leo ring = a good time.
By Anonymous
Dex spiked mace
By Anonymous
i dont see the problem here its a great weapon and available at the beginning of the game
By Anonymous
*Quality spiked mace

Also spiked mace weighs more than twice its weight, is slower but also has HA on all attacks. That being said there is a lot of weapons with the spin slash WA you dumbass.