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R1 L1 R1 true combos
I believe you mean R1 L2 R1...
I thought it was R1 L2 R2
Attack, block, attack = true combo lol
I prefer the pokey halberds, and they have more damage and range anyway, but outside of counters this does a little better and still has some okay counters, atleast on par with estoc counters. not bad, but suffers from low damage compared to most if not all other halberds. Throw a ele buff on it (dmb, LB, etc) and your combo should net 1k+ pretty easily, and your counters will do the same while buffed. Not worth blessed weapon sadly due to low innate damage.
Lucerne 101 - Use the refined version of this weapon with high STR and DEX. This weapon should be two handed almost exclusively. When using this weapon have the Leo Ring equipped. Never use this weapon without the Leo Ring. This weapon has a true combo (a series of hits that are inescapable in PVP every time if done correctly... and without lag): R1, weapon art, R1. The high AR of the refined version along with the counter damage enhanced by the Leo Ring and the 3-hit true combo results in this rather unassuming-looking weapon dishing out massive damage, possibly catching your opponent off guard. As the Lucerne is an under-rated weapon not often seen in PVP. Trying to hit enemies while free-aiming with this weapon is extremely difficult, so it's best to attack while locked-on. To take full advantage of this weapon's highly impressive countering potential, you should wear heavy armor to win trades (when you and your opponent exchange blows). A high defense will obviously mitigate damage you receive during trades and high poise will ensure you can execute the true combo (aim for 30 or more poise). Since this weapon has rather precise hit boxes and has a somewhat slow swing speed, it can be difficult to finish off defensive opponents, especially since they are likely to be extra cautious after losing a trade. Therefore, you should have a weapon in your off-hand that can shave off the last bit of their HP quickly and can hit an opponent who is just repetitively rolling away. Irithyll Straight Sword is a good option, since you'll have high STR and DEX.
Correction: I wrote "off-hand" when I meant in another weapon slot on your right hand.