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After you give her a corrupted braille tomb she leaves after some time, no where to be found. Anyone know where she went?
I'm having this behavior as well. Once I give her a dark tome(Yuria's or the one from the Cathedral) she disappears after a few load ins. The Carim tome doesn't seem to trigger this. Perhaps Eygon sees her learning dark magic as a breach of your agreement and wisks her away. I'll try killing him next playthrough.


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So she stops selling miracles after that?
You can find her next to the door you open after killing Iudex Gundyr. Eygon is standing over her body and he will not be happy, though she isn't actually dead and you can talk to her afterwards. This will cause her to warp back to her normal location in Firelink Shrine. Killing Eygon will give you his weapon and shield.
I had given her 2 of the dark miracle books (don't remember the name) , she disappeared on me after awhile as well. I found her outside the door you open after the boss you originally fought before heading toward the firelink shrine. her body guard was mad and attacked me. i killed him and talked to her and she returned. I'm almost at the end of the game and she's wants me to touch her, but cant feel it when i do... so she's just sitting there scared, the lesson is, dont give her the hex books.
I gave her the corrupted Braille and she's still there, odd
unless there's a way to cure her yeah, kind of annoying i had just given her the final braille tome too
She can be found without the key purchased from the maiden, simply jump down near the cobblestone bridge. It looks like a deadly fall, but it isn't; there are items and enemies. This path connects to the Velka statue and Irina, and the player can escape through this side of Irina's door. I had the key, my husband didn't, we both got her.
But you'll need at least 16 vitality and be completely naked to survive the fall.
she drops a key when killed.
No clue for what it is though
I have given her 2 books where she says "they are dark magic maan", yet she i still in the regular place. I think it depends on what boss you have killed (last mayor boss was the Smouldering Lake boss, and only Fire Lord killed was Abyss Watchers)



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To verify, I do not know if the 2 books i gave her is the same "deep" details removed by TSMP
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If it isn't yet confirmed, then it needs to be confirmed before added to the wiki. I removed these things pending later confirmation. If anyone wants to take the time to confirm them as well, it'd be much faster.

(Upon giving her a dark tome, confirmation needed)

(potential trigger: gave one dark tome, other in posession. She was in firelink, grabbed tome from mimic, boned out, she was gone and that scenario played out).

This happened after beating the dragonslayer, and given her both divine tombs that were not "deep", confirmations required.

This sort of thing is exactly what the comment/discussion section of the page is for.


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unlocks Bountiful Light for 5000, Blessed Weapon for 8000, and Magic Barrier for 5000.
This was in Dark Fire Link Shrine. Use?
When I go to touch her, it won't let me anymore and I"m a cleric with another Tome. Making me mad



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Some of the tomes are not for her - be careful!
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So technically what is the good thing to do for her end.
Well she always dreamed to become a firekeeper
Just put her out of her *****ing misery to be honest fam