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Got this ring from Hawkwood in Firelink Shrine after killing Lord of Cinder in the swamp area. Not sure if any other criteria needed to be met for it.
Does indeed reduce FP costs, doesn't seem like much though. About 5% ish I would say.
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-25% is a lot if you spam Quickstep :3 must have ring for a dagger based build i bet
You can continue to use it after you have no FP left. That won't help if you need FP for another weapon art or spell, but if your build's only FP consumption is for Quickstep then might no be needed.
To first reply: while you can still quickstep at 0 FP you lose all i-frames from the quickstep and can thus be hit at any point of the animation.
Defeat Farrons Legion
Then talk to The Crestfallen NPC
Is there any other way to get the ring? I didnt talk to him after I beat abyss watchers and he left. Now I don't know how to get the ring
You will be able to kill him later if you follow his questline.
thats not true. I used the ring with heal, and heal costs 45 points instead of 50. So i guess it gives 30% fp reduction on weapon art, but only 10% fp reduction on spells?
Heal normally costs 45fp, the ring didn't affect it
Just tested on Great Heavy Soul Arrow and Great Magic weapon. It had no effect on my FP costs. So if it does work on spells it might only be miracles or specific spells
So i killed this guy early to get the farron ring but he doesn't drop it, how can i get it now?
you don't have to place the cinder on the throne
you dont need to place the ashes tho