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By Anonymous
This **** is so fun to use if you invade a group of people. You throw this chungus ball into the middle of a team and someone will always get hit.
By Anonymous
Getting this after barely scratching enemies with early pyromancies was awesome, probably the best pyromancy in the game !
By Anonymous
Forbidden Sun was a cooler name.
By Anonymous
Basically the easy mode if you're running a caster-focused pyromancer build. Anything non-immune or resistant to fire will be melted in seconds. 10/10 pyromancy!
By Anonymous
Did a Chef Boyardee cosplay and now I'm cursed to forever think of this spell as a giant meatball
By Anonymous
is this better than Great Chaos Fire Orb?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It does less damage and far less stagger. It's a much faster projectile though and does almost as much damage in one hit. They are pretty similar, but for general pve and bosses chaos orb wins.
By Anonymous
"Souls games don't have an easy mode" - Person who never played a pyromancer and picked up this spell
By Anonymous
My old beloved
By Anonymous
Senpou: Yoton Rasenshuriken and you know it is
By Anonymous
Yeah I see you in the back waiting for me to engage host so you can throw this at my back *. you are not fooling anyone.
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