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By Anonymous
The reward mechanic for this covenant is so scuffed. You're telling me if I do 90% of your HP in damage, but you jump off a ledge in spite, I don't get a covenant????
By Anonymous
Darkmoon blade sounds cool but as an Elden Ring fan I just couldn't be a blue. I'll go for dark blade instead.
By Anonymous
That's not a covenent
By Anonymous
i put a summon sign to be summoned as a phantom behind pontiff's boss room where the aldrich peeps show up, sit there WITH darkmoon equipped, and i get summoned 20x more as a white to help with invaders that are already there than as a blue.
By butnotforme
i don't think it's that infrequent that i get summoned, but the amount of times i get summoned into a normal invasion of a host of embers or invasion of a host + sunbro is practically 0, compared to the number of times i get summoned into some fight club or strange reverse gank where the invader and host are bizarrely friendly with one another or some other unexpected ritual. like why do yall need to have way of blue on for whatever wacky stuff you're doing? i'm just trying to get darkmoon blade man lol
By Anonymous
Impossible to enjoy
By Anonymous
Psst. You're no hero when you're backstabbing someone in 1v1.
By Anonymous
Its not about getting a hero irs about getting 30 ears
By Anonymous
The "I really really really want to gank but have 0 friends" covenant
By Anonymous
has a rivalry with aldrich faithfuls but does not get summoned to defend against them because faithfuls dont invade with the red eye. jesus christ what an oversight
By Anonymous
they actually have a rivalry with rosaria's fingers, which is why sirris dumps you for deepening your allegiance with them. also i'm fairly sure you can get summoned to fight watchdogs and faithfuls with blades of darkmoon (but not with blue sentinels). however you don't get concords for killing anything but a red, and a well kept for killing an invading finger. of course, you need to be summoned as a blue either way.
By Anonymous
I did all the covenants except blue/watchdogs after pontiff and got summoned twice the rest of the game:
-Sat and watched as a blue, a gold and the host ganked the **** out of an invader.
-Host stood afk on the elevator by Stray Demon trapping us, not even an l1 spam to communicate. Proceeded to send us back the second we killed the demon.

I can invade as a sunbro and get medals, why couldn't they just let us invade people that use Red Eye often or something.
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