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That invisible wall to the prison was amazing lmao
Tell you the truth. Back in Lordran I was a blade of the darkmoon. Feared one at that. Hundreds of sinners fell to my greatsword I collected their ears as a mark of their sins, to instill fear on anyone who thought to stray from the holy path. When I got to Drangleic I joined The Blue Sentinels to defend the innocent from sinners. Hundreds fell by my blade. To keep the innocent safe. Finally my journey brought me to Lothric. It was here I realised something. Why should I defend those who are too weak to fight on their own. Many battles and my realisation disillusioned me. On my travels I found her. A Goddess without a tongue. This poor soul was suffering. I joined her fingers to bring her comfort and finally I became they very thing I fought against. A sinner...
You can't commit a sin if there is no god to pray.
As an invader, I love blues. I play for the pvp so the more in a world the better. Plus I gotta admit, those blue tongues make a nice addition to my collection...
im starting to get sick of this covenant if i come to help a host killing the invader i dont expect the host to just sit there and watch me fight 1-3 invaders alone at the same time
thats what we call the reverse gank
I don't gank. I do that all the time tbh. I play low levels mostly, and i can leave Dancer alive to PvP at High Wall. I equip the Way of Blue and start doing PvP. I love getting invaded, but if a Blue get summoned i don't gank on the invader, i let the Blue do his business. I create opportunities for invaders and Blues alike. It is what it is, do your own dirty work.
Lol people crying about covenants make me laugh . Git gud or play offline, orrr switch your covenant? Sucks to suck I bet
Or maybe people think the game could handle covenants in a better way. I find Dark Souls 3 to be quite easy, but that does not mean everything in the game is suddenly good. For instance, the poison swamp is not hard, but it still a complete crap zone without a hint of fun anywhere in it.
farron is unironically amazing. only casuals think otherwise.
Started farming Concords, i don't gank, f*ck this covenant. I cannot do this, its just exudes toxicity. I choose honor and etiquette over this. I guess farming Silver Knight it will be.
I've never played this game but I'm kinda curious on what do you all mean by "farming Silver Knights". Of course I know who these knights are, but I'd like to know if they give you a reward inherent to this covenant.
useless ****ing rewards. absolute degeneracy
useless ****ing rewards. absolute degeneracy