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What's the best level to be at to get summoned as a blue?
got plenty of summons yesterday night at SL 55 with a +6 weapon
so what im reading is people that like to piss other off by invading are pissed them selves if they get killed by a blue?!?? hmmm...
As a host you have more health and estus blues are a nuisance especially since they come like 3 to every 1 invader
^ implying reds aren't a nuisance in and of themselves
^ as a host I just want to play through an area without invaders trying to ruin my day. my options are either play offline and miss out on messages and summons, dont ember and miss out on a ton of my health and summons, or re-structure my fun pve build to be viable for laggy hit conection pvp. I'm okay with you not having an easy time interupting my game.
^ But by invadng you, I become part of your game.
Imagine waiting half an hour to be summoned - This comment was made by the Aldrich faithful gang
imagine praying to something that's dead instead instead of a sleeping wolf - This comment was made by the watchdogs of farron gang
should you tell him or should i
Imagine running into 4v1 gang squads and being that 1 guy about to be ganked-this comment was made by warriors of the sun gang
I could barely get to the inventory screen to take the covenant symbol off before I was getting summoned in again.It was constant this last week.
Words from a darkwraith of yore: your covenant leader forgot it s goal just as you have forgotten your place. Your god is dying at the hands of the inevitable and so will you by our dark hand. Ever wanted to correct the first lord s sin? Accept the dark. Still praising the firelink? Prepare to be as forgotten as the cinders of your "chosen ones".
Bruh I just want my cool weapon buff
*tips Pharris Hat*
Do not fear the dark, and let the feast begin?
While you were aggroing NPCs, I was studying the Uchigatana
What i dont understand about this covenant is why the sword in their symbol is a lothric sword, of ALL the swords it could have?
Cause almost everyone has one
Anyone know the best sl and weapon upgrade level for this right now?
SL60 +6 or SL70 +7/8, in general lower is better; if you can get to Anor Londo around SL40 that would be Ideal
I wonder if this summons work now in 2020, though probably not that many players now. I would spend hours WAITING to get summoned, I gave up and farmed the Concords from the Silver Knights
My boyfriend and I are playing through the game again as we speak! There may be fewer people but the game still seems fairly full :)
loads of people playing right now
I've seen plenty of Darkmoons while I've been invading at level 147. I just can't get summoned myself
Could be the specific level you are at. Sl 30 at Swamp is pack loaded with gank squads that I routinely put down and blues can come in pairs if I am unlucky.
Depends on the time of day. On PC being level 120, afternoons I can be summoned anywhere from once to 5 times every hour. Later in the night maybe once every 5 hours.
Can confirm that there's still plenty of Invasions, casual PvP matches, and regular gank-fests! Jolly Cooperation and may the Flame guide thee, friend.
Do you still lose progress if you switch covenants?
It’s so annoying being summoned by people in the swamp grinding invaders. Like, TF you doing here?!
Gank squads ew
Blades of the gank moon