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worst covenant in the game, along with blue sentinels
Ye buddy! You tell those stinky sentinels/blades!


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AKA, how to drown in silver knight armor pieces.
Sounds like you're the kind who's into "inventory management", "being able to find your gear" and other placebos
Why am I getting pale tongues an not the other it's really annoying
have you even got darkmoon selected ffs lmao
I love this covenant, but why do i get the taste of a c@ck in my mouth when i get summoned?
Alas, Its already rather strange and sad, that you know how the c@ck tastes.
Maybe the op likes a little c@ck once in a while
If you like to remind the teacher about collecting homework, this covenant is for you
If be summoned by a redsoap stone and win, would i get the ear, like the sunlight warriors?
No, because this aproach you are treated as a invader for the host of embers and therefore cannot fulfill the Darkmoon's/Sentinel's duty of protecting them.
Blue lives matter!
That didn't age well
It aged excellently.
These blues don't


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This should've been like how they did it in DS1 and DS2, with an invasion and invasion summoning system. The goal was to kill sinners originally, which in DS3 should be determined by players invading or an indictment system. Farming this covenant is the reason I haven't platinumed the game.
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