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The rotating platform must be at the top to access this location. Once it is at the top (allowing access to Anor Londo) go to the bottom of the stairs (on the rotating platform). you will see a bonfire on at platform directly in front of you on the broken path. You can walk on the open air directly in front of your player. Do not deviate from the path until you are perpendicular to the bonfire, then go 90% to your right. you will land safely next to the bonfire.
You can't fall off the invisible part
the NPC refuses to let me join atm. She said my presence will invoke the tyrant sulyvahn's (who you have to defeat to get there) wrath and that i should leave, may the darkmoon shine on you, etc

any idea why she won't let me join? someone said it was because i unlocked rosaria's finger covenant and they're enemies


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I have no idea, but I think you should just murder her anyways. :D
If you kill her you are able to join. Dont know why you would do that tho
If you equip the Rosaria's Fingers covenant badge AT ALL, you will never be able to join the darkmoon blades without killing the captain off and taking the badge from her.
I believe that you have the dark sigil and need to purge it.. AKA cant be hollow I believe but I could be wrong.
Kill her to get the covenant item + chime
It kinda funny that the darkmoon covenant is all about punishing murderer and peoples suggest killing a member to get in more easily, heh



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I think this will be my group of choice!
Had a hollowing of 99 and had joined Rosaria's finger covenant, still joined the covenant.
Can someone check to see if invading with the red eye orb while a member of the Darkmoon will change anything (gotta check everything)
Nothing conclusive yet, but that would make sense, since being a mad bro makes your white soapstone work as a purple sign
I tried, and from the one test I did it doesn't work.
did i just read *****ing anorlondo is in the game?
It is
Anal Londo.
It is
SPOILERS: it's where you fight Aldrich
after rank 1 you'll get the Darkmoon Blade miracle for 15 more turn-ins.
farming the covenant items is really time consuming, because getting summoned does take a while. I'm also farming the Silver Knights but the drop seems to be pretty rare. like 1 out of 200
What are the requirements for the spell?


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Gwyndolin finally reincarnated into a girl?