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"LEFT" of the Halfway Fortress bonfire?? How so? going back to the forest with the guys who gets wings, going down to the water towards the sages boss? didnt understand the location at all
Same here also did not find that guy
Spawn at Crystal sage bonfire, head back towards the swamp. you will go down a small path with 1 mage. then you will hit a door with another mage. keep going straight, and go through the door straight forward. Once through the door turn right here and there will be a whole in the wall (if you kept going straight and outside on a bridge you went too far). Once you go through the hole, keep going straight and you will see a path on the right just past the wall with some stairs. That will take you to him. Hope that helps
That was very helpful, found him with no trouble. We should make this the official description.
You must have at least 10 intelligence for him to move to the firelink
He disappeared from his usual spot for me and im wondering if its because i never gave him a scroll and he left my game, which would be a shame since im a sorcerer...
Disappeared from Firelink for me, nowhere to be seen, any ideas?
He appears to leave the shrine after he receives every tome he accepts so you should buy everything he sells upon giving him the last tome unfortunately
I was able to find Orbeck after he disappeared from Firelink. I found him in the Grand Archives while exploring, a few floors ups near the first elevator. He was dead, and his ashes were there.
*His body was in a chair by a table*
After you give him all tomes and buy all spells from him, he will leave shrine and you can find his ash and Corpse in the library.
Orbeck left Firelink Shrine and his body is not where it usually is in the Grand Archives. He's alive somewhere, but I have no idea where. I'm very frustrated as I'm pretty sure he's the only way I can get the Young Dragon Ring (my only missing ring)...
What can i do with it ?
give it to the shrine maiden or Yuri