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By Anonymous
People keep going on about the moveset being better than Greatsword, but honestly I find GS's 2H R2 sweep much handier than the FUGS's weird, sluggish stab. Still, if you're running Strength, this is a better use for Twinkling titanite than most. Makes short work of Carthus Catacombs on NG+.
By Anonymous
Virgin: nooo you cant use this, ugs are bad in pvp you will just get backstabbed to death
Chad: I smack other dark souls players for 560 damage a hit
By Anonymous
unfortunatly for me, the cheesiest cheeser knight, i shot him from the bridge and he ran straight into the deepest part of the lava.... sooo.... is my sword gone forever?
By Anonymous
His gear should be placed where he usually spawns after you reload the area.
If not, try your luck in NG+.
By Anonymous
Chad sword
By Anonymous
Gordon Ramsay after seeing this thing “ITS F***ing RAW”.
By Anonymous
They better made this sword non-buffable than took 70AR from it's base damage
By Anonymous
From my understanding, we canonically sold this to Gavlan
By Anonymous
How do you know that?is there any description about it?
By Anonymous
Tf with the fact that they nerfed this but not gundyr's halberd. One of the most unnecessary nerfs imo
By Anonymous
Oh Ja!
By Anonymous
I really wish they didn't nerf this beast. 330 down to 260.. I'm really not sure what they were thinking. A 22% damage nerf?? Let's not talk about yorms great machete with 338 ar and A scaling at +5 or dragonslayer great axe with 364 phy/ 136 lightning coming to a whopping 500 ar at +5. Though both of these weapons have less Scaling they also have less functional problems. Sad times :(
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