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By Anonymous
does this deal more damage than a +10 heavy greatsword? i'm curious and lazy so anybody got facts for me?
By Anonymous
The greatsword does 312 with an A scaling, so it does more base damage, but the scaling is worse. If your going Quality or 66 STR then its not worth it, but if your going pure strength (80 STR) then its better because of the S scaling in STR
By Anonymous
thanks! i'll keep that in mind
By Anonymous
On an optimized build (66 str) the FUGS does slightly less damage than UGS. It does strike damage so consider that too. They also have slight differences in poise health and stamina consumption. FUGS also weighs a bit more if you're trying to optimize your inventory. Probably best to use the one with the moveset you like best.
By Anonymous
Screw you and your meta weapons I'm going to have fun in this game
By Anonymous
Notice how the PKCS guy is absent from this page??? gee i wonder why he didnt show up?
By Anonymous
maybe i'm the only person that got disappointed that the description didn't mention "Drangleic"
By Anonymous
"forgotten relic" implies that no one knows where its from lol
By Anonymous
Never forget, buff the FUGS!
By Anonymous
Fear the FUGS buff. By the gods, fear it…
By Anonymous
The FUGS's stomp does indeed function as a block, however, unlike other stomps, it seems to be in exchange for hyper armor. When I use my LKGS, I can stomp as a reaction to pretty much any attack, poise through it, and then follow through; with the FUGS, if the attack you stomp hits around/behind your block, you get hit and staggered as if you were just standing there.
By Anonymous
People dont like it cause it requires pure str. And thats all. No op dark build. No twink material. Just a man and his sword.
By Anonymous
No, we don't like it because it's a joke compared to what it was.
By Anonymous
Why is Raime's armor not included? It would have made for an epic cosplay
By Anonymous
"it deals strike damage, it has cool moveset (bullsht, cathedral knight gs puts this moveset to better use), great reach, s scaling (400 bonus if you get up to 90 strength, wich imo doesn't reward the investment enough), it's buffable, hyper armor, bla bla bla... "

Except for the s scaling, ledo's greathammer has all of avobe. Including buffing, wich is extra physical damage AND AoE. So i see no reason to get the nerfed fugs over the patchless ledo's

And no, this isn't to sell the greathammer. Nothing bests the twinaxes's dps. Im just tired of unproven facts or half-a$$ed excuses
By Anonymous
Ledo's is heavier, and is considerably slower. FUGS at least has some reasonably fast attacks to give your opponent something to think about. Ledo's has the WA and is otherwise just another series of free backstabs
By Anonymous
dps meta ***
By Anonymous
Who cares
By Anonymous
The block property of the wa seems counterproductive due to how little stability you have to block with. You can't be guard broken, but no stamina means a free hit for the other guy.
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