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Only true Knights who followed the ancient path of the cold ashes, in the rest of a kingdom devoured by an ocean of fire, knows who was this warrior... this... mighty challenger.The knight was cursed with the Eyes of Beyond... his perception of the world was tainted by a fog of darkness, and so was his existence. With these eyes of him, the Raven, as he was called, saw the truth within his kingdom... and its lords... the Lords of Want. He saw death, despair, and guiltiness. When he tried to fight the augur of dark, he faced those that he called a family... and with his failure, became a traitor. In the end, the Raven was banished from his land, rejected, to never be seen again. His kingdom ? No one knows... but you can be sure that it fell in darkness ; forgotten from time itself.Yet, the legend goes on, as you bear the burden of the blade, Unkindled...May the flame of anger and pride that forged that steel, protect thee from his fate.
By GreyFox738
Never mind I blanked out lol I thought it was from dark souls 1
By Anonymous
Legend says that one day, as the Raven waited in the depths of the Ashen Tower, guarding the Iron Crown of Old, he was challenged by a powerful Undead, seeking the crowns of the Lost Kings. The two clashed, and after a long and arduous fight, the Undead stood over the slain Raven, victorious. It is said that the Undead forged this great blade from the Raven's very soul, to serve as his companion, but not even he could wield its might.
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By eremHaNeoN
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It returns! IT RETURNS! One of the most amazing UGS's in all the Dark Souls games, wielded by one of the most amazing bosses in all of the Dark Souls games. If Raime's armor set itself doesn't return, well, there's always imagination via fashion to recreate one of Souls' most legendary of opponents.
By Anonymous
If I have to fight him for it then ***** it. My weapon collection can go without this one....
By Anonymous
This was my final weapon for my first playthrough. I updated the page with a brief description of where to find this, and the final +5 stats.
By Anonymous
nvm it have been the wrong one...sorry for spam.
By Anonymous
Thank you! Just want to doublecheck if I understand you right: Is it the Enemy on the Brdige above the Lava? If it is i am very unlucky with the drop =(
By Fregil
Bugged Damage that instant kills everything in PvP and almost everyone uses it...
By Anonymous
Alright, I knew the weapon was in the game, I knew The armour of Tarkus was in the game, but that massive demon of a man is ALIVE?!? guess he didn't die from that fall then :)
By Anonymous
But tarkus didn't die from the fall, he barely survived snd was then taken by seathe and stripped of his equipment which was so carelessly tossed aside in the cathedral of anor londo whilst seathe performed more of his experimants, eventually creating a missunderstood creature to be known as manscorpion tark, whose life and past were so long that his life had become shrouded in a fog, one so thick even he could not remember his own true name and for his wife it was so thick that she lost her very sanity inside of the fog that is a memory long forgotten.
By Anonymous
Unfortunately... Tarkus, the Black Iron, really died from a terrible fall. His armor, however, was carried by a cursed hollow : Tsorig, the Knight Slayer. And, by following his story told by his equipment... I can say that he was a pure badass, too. Or maybe... a simple looter of treasures.
By Anonymous
^this weapon belonged to Fume Knight not Tarkus
By Anonymous
After watching a ton of people use this weapon a lot I think its safe to say that this weapon really needs a nerf. Its damage is ridiculously broken in both pvp and pve. The fact that you are able to buff it with spells like darkmoon blade is even more ridiculous.
By Anonymous
The "curse frogs" are actually called basilsks
By Anonymous
Glad this thing got nerfed
By Anonymous
Cry baby
By Anonymous
32 sodium filled anons.
By Anonymous
Kill yourself
By Anonymous
It needed to be nerfed, but not that much. You now have no reason to use it because of the high strength requirements.
By Anonymous
Heavily nerfed in the last update. Damage is now not worth it for the str/stamina consumption.
By Anonymous
Lol, I have 23 winning streak in Pvp with it
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