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If Tsorig dies via the rolling undead ball you dont get the sword drop just FYI
The invader Tsorig doesn't drop the sword. You have to go find the actual Tsorog under the smoldering lake. "Demon ruins" or "old kings antechamber" would be the closest bonfires.

1. high strike damage, 647 AR 2h at 66 str

2. insane poise health and blocking capabilities with stomp WA

3. good moveset and range with both vertical and horizontal swings and thrust like 2hr2, good roll atack

4. has great hammer poise health meaning one will need just 24 poise to trade once with an UGS, it does not have great hammer poise damage though.

5. can be buffed, despite being a special weapon


1. very heavy weapon

2. highest stam consumption of all ugs

3. cannot be infused

4. wa into r2 is slow and wont hit good players is pvp, is good for fast reset poise health

Others: a good pure str weapon with 50 str requirments and S scalling in str. It has high damage, very good poise health, making it a good option for pvp and pve alike. vertical swings and high damage will melt enemies in area pvp, it s a good option for bosses as well due to it s high strike damage, In pvp can 2 shot opponents with proper build and buffs, veing a versatile weapon due to it s moveset, poise and damage.

Imo it s a top tier weapon, and can be very strong in right hands. Compared to Greatsword UGS is very close, while heaving more poise health and aprox same damage, it falls behind in weight, stam consumption, versatility (greatsword UGS can be infused with elemental and has insane damage) and imo moveset. Compared to Zwei and Astora GS, while having more damage for physical builds and poise health, it falls behind in moveset, veight, versatility and stam consumption. Those differences are not that high and still FUGS is a great weapon that can carry the ashen one in ng 7 without any issues.

Enjoy the Big Bonk of UGS!
They nerfed it a bit too much. Heavy infused Greatsword with 66/10 in str/dex have 676 AR two-handed while FUGS with the same stats have only 647 AR. I get it that FUGS have poise health like great hammer and deals strike dmg which is better type in general but having lower AR while being heavier by 5.5 units is not good at all. They should buff its base AR to at least 280 so at 66/10 two-handed it would have ~696 AR so it would keep its status as the heaviest UGS with highest AR.
this + havel armour + moaning shield = rock monster
It doesn't have S scaling anymore :/
nvm im extremely dumb
yes. yes you are
I'm so happy they changed this weapons damage to strike. It's literally blunt.
literally carries you through your first play through
Yeah but it's nerfed now compared to 1.0
How is that? On your first play through you wouldn't have the strength to lift it.
The great club & EGS are less stats intensive given you dont want to do soul farming, can be found earlier at Farron keep.
The extra point saved can be use on other spells (spook, hidden body, etc),or more weight load for better armors sets & other useful tools (regen chime, sorcere staff, grass shield, regen shield, or even a bless caestus)
If ur wielding that beast n trashing mobs turning them in to road kills u gata be already mid game imo
Is there a better ugs than this?
Black knight GS and gut sword and lothrick knight ugs
Clang sword.
I thought that this thing would be utter trash now, but honestly, after my recent playthrough, this thing is still a beast, despite all the nerfs. Despite being about 40-50 AR lower than most of the other ultra weapons, it still hits just as hard. Possibly because of the strike damage which most enemies are weak to.