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Did the devs mess up again by calling it something different again? I remember this weapon being called a scythe in 1 and 2. Are they changing the name to a glaive, when it's supposed to be a Bardiche?
They wouldn't be the first honestly, D&D has called a weapon of this design glaive for many editions.
somebody noticed that thank god
Yeah, most dev's for games really don't worry too much about labeling weapons correctly.
I guess it's called a Glaive because it's been repurposed for battle instead of farming (blade rotation on pole) and in movies like the monkey King (with real actors) the eastern variant is very similar to this weapon, I guess it's just laziness and less hassle for a generalised term of weapon??
So is this weapon geared more towards strength? In the upgrade screen, only the strength scaling turns blue.
this weapon has an amazing moveset, has anyone tried this at +10?
Its excellent at +9, i will be pushing it up +10 when i decide between it and gundyrs. The weapon art is really nice for trading
Gundyrs is good as well when you damage trade.
no, noone tried thid
Andre can't infuse this weapon with ightning gem, but he can do it for fire, magic, etc. Bug?
you need giant's coal for lightning. Located in Anor Londo
is this not a Bardiche?
It's for sure not a Glaive at least :P looks more like a Bardiche..
It is indeed a bardiche. The localization team for these games still can't figure out polearms. This was a "scythe" in DaS and DaS2.
Might need to send him on a search or two first.
506. Given that this is higher than the BKG at 40/40, and this weapon can be infused, it is very good indeed
What is the AR of 40 str and 40 dex +10 refine please, with a cherry on top?
A little under 500 without 1h or the Sword ring, I think. About 550 2h with Sword ring.
508 on a 40/40 ref
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I gave her the ashes after killing the thief , but she dosent sell the glaive..
Shrine handmaid will only have what Greirat has unlocked. If he hasn't gone out to pillage and doesn't offer to sell the Glaive, then neither will the handmaiden.