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By Anonymous
Pickup the estus shard located right after the 2nd bonfire. Walk down the stairs and you will see a burning tree with alot of enemies there praying and 1 of those laughing witches. There will be a glowing item located at the base of the tree.
By GrimReaperPL
Have anyone noticed that there is one of those big guys who has a cage on his back insted of "wooden doors". He wont attack you and I think you can interact with the cage because there is option examine when You` re close to the cage. Maybe he will take You somewhere like a crow or coffin. . I don`t have a game yet so i wanted to ask if its possible to test.
By Anonymous
He takes you to the Mound-Makers covenant before you do the boss fight with the Curse-rotted Greatwood. Same lower-level area, just has the ceiling and no bonfire. A character gives you a homeward bone to leave.
By Anonymous
From the top of the house of the area where you find the Flynn ring, there is a nearby tower which you can jump to to find the Chloranthy Ring and Mirrah Set at the bottom of the tower. I believe there is something else there but I don't remember.
By Anonymous
I didn't know they remade Hemwick Charnel Lane in Dark souls.
By Anonymous
The chest piece, gloves and pants are in the bottom of the tower after the fire demon encounter. On the roof tops behind the Flynn ring is a drop off where you can get the cloranthy ring as well as the armor.
By Anonymous
I made an edit at the Fire Demon section but this is my first time submitting an edit and I didn't know how to add a hyperlink to a page. The information itself should be clear enough though.
By Anonymous
If you happen to want to take a picture to the Onion bro, and you have the shorcut with Ctr+1, and Ctr also is an attack, and you Ctr Twice, he attacks you, and you have to kill him... and ***** me rigth? now how do i kill the fire demon ffs
By Anonymous
Well, I know it's been two years... but you just restart the character again yeah? Undead Settlement from Gunydr is like what.., 4 hours? Or 2 hours? Plus you have more experience fighting in game now, so might as well restart the character.
By Anonymous
Im really confused on where to go
By Anonymous
Yeah not being invaded
By Anonymous
I hear that you need to be in Lord of Cinder mode and have not beaten the area boss.
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