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I wonder if there is a weight requirement to use it. Also interesting that it lowers defense.
Possibly, or maybe the lower defense "replaces" the fast roll requirement.
it does the same thing as the simpleton's ring basically, minus the invisibility and giving you a weakness. which is good, because in ds2 your roll is invincible at 48 adaptability. the defense trade is for balancing, then.
Very interesting
mmH gnitseretni yreV
Has anyone tested it's increased duration? Also how harsh is the defense loss? Is it overall worth it?
its amazing in terms of i frames gained but you do lose a full set of fallen knight armour as the penaulty
The defense drop is quite big, a whopping -15.00 all across the board. But at under 30 equip load, you're basically a phantom. Your rolls go super far, are fast as hell, and you're invicible all the way through.
It feels like the ninja flip ring in terms of I frames, I just rolled through most areas and am already almost at the end. This ***** is ***** nice. You do lose a ***** ton of defense though.
Do the Carthus rings also work with the dagger ability quickstep?
Tested, and no they don't sadly
If you roll a lot or are playing without a shield, this ring is excellent. The i-frames you get are more than worth having less defense.
Absolute must have on everyone pretty much. Makes mistimed rolls very forgiving with the amount of i-frames it adds. Most of the time you can just mash roll and avoid damage.


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If you have other ring slots you don't mind swapping, then pairing this Ring with the Ring of Steel Protection (+1/+2) and/or the Speckled Stoneplate Ring (+1 recommended) will do a great job at bumping your physical and magic defense back up. This is only recommended if you are still worried about getting hit with such low defensive stats. It is by no means needed as the Carthus Bloodring is just so ***** great with i-frames.
I find this to be a situational ring. I probably wouldn't wear it for an entire playthrough, since I like the challenge of having to time my rolls correctly. That being said, I just beat the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss with this ring equipped. I was having a miserable time trying to survive his constant onslaught of combos. After roughly 10 attempts and my patience/sanity waning, I tried using this ring. I figured that if at any point I screw up and get caught in a combo I'll probably be dead anyway, so the defence reduction won't really matter all that much. This ring made a huge difference and I'm happy to say that Pontiff Sulyvahn is now very, very dead. So my suggestion is to keep this ring in mind for tough bosses that require a lot of precise rolling.
ten tries then you put on the ring... so how many tries did it take with the ring?


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How does 15% increased damage make sense if you can go into the negative? That makes absoutely no sense.
It affects your absorption, if you have, say, 20% absorption, you rake 80% of damage, if you had -20%, you'd take 120% damage.
15% more damage; not 15% less resistances. Not the same thing bro.
Your logic is correct had there not been a "Defense" column of flat Damage Reduction (DR) to the left of the Absorption column. Having 150 Defense, and, let's say -5% in absorption would result in a DR of 142.5... A hit on you for 300 damage, minus the Defense of 142.5 would have you take 157.5 damage as opposed to taking 150 damage without that "negative" 5 percent from the ring.
take increased damage