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Ye olde pancake press
A shiitty weapon for fat fuuck str user who can't really beat anyone in a fight.
looks like a little boy got his ego shattered
Big hammer make you go splat. Hur hur.
Bellyroll Smough must have destroyed this guy recently
big hammer make small man go SPLAT
Sounds to me like you lost a pvp match against someone with enough's hammer.
Sounds like this guy never got to see the Amazing Chest Ahead. Probably just a salty PKCS meta slave.
All these replies ragging on this dude but he's honestly right
Aww don’t be sad, at least you made someone’s day by letting them crush your curved sword R1 spamming ***
Be me
Hit my invader
Stagger him
inb4 "You Died"
OK dex weakling
the supreme B O N K



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The Pimpin' gold BONK
funniestest weapon in the game period
Perseverance is good but i wish the WA is either the buttstomp or the charge(?) smough does in DS1. Just for the sake of variety.
I have to say; FromSoft was very lazy with a lot of the weapons in this game. A smough charge would be awesome, or maybe it’d buff it with lightning
It could have been like Warcry, replacing the unique R2 with a chargeable (heh) version of Smough's charge attack (think Black Knight Greataxe but instead with more reach)
My Freind tried this against me a dex faith hybrid and I was using a lightning uchigatana and this hammer is just to slow to hit unless you can stunlock.


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Weapon art should have been the charge attack from ds1
Anyone know if it can be parried?
Only Rolling/Running attacks.
2H R1 and R2s can't be parried, everything else can
if only you could infuse this weapon...