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By Anonymous
There are weapons from drangleic but names like bed of chaos, smough, gwyn are not forgotten.Is it only strange to me?
By Anonymous
Sound wierd, how could be the abysswalker remembered when his name was completely forgotten in DS2 ?
By Anonymous
All dark soul games take place in the same location.
By Anonymous
maybe artorias was only recognised by farron's as they are a secret organisation who try to stop the abyss. but the real question is what actually is the throne of want?
By Anonymous
How is drangleic the same place as anor londo or even Lordon. Some of the structure's from DS1 are still there. In DS2, there is only one structure and thats the sun first born son of gwyn statue. so what they took down anor londo and put back together as if it was destroyed . come on
By Death-Rider-X
Since you asked WHEN, well... im certain that its after both dark souls and dark souls 2, if you ask this because in DK2 it seems that no one really remembers Gwyn and the like and now there are direct conections and desctiptions that speak of them, well... i can only tell you that DK2 had a poorly constructed lore all along, FROM´s B team probably had the idea to be very cryptic and it backfired, now you can find some lore from DK2 but just a scratch as pretty much everything else speaks of the first dark souls, but yeah its taking place absolutely after both games.
By Anonymous
to be fair- as far as artorias is concerned Elizbith the mushroom from oolacile was still alive, and could have told the tale, on top of that miazoki didn't make 2 because he was working on bloodborne.
By Anonymous
Why does the 'Unkindled Ash' (WTF is that?) begin his trek to restore these lords? Why is he buried? I love the lore to DS games, but these are so hard to get into.
By Anonymous
Just an idea : In DS1 you seem's to be created by the followers of the Dark (even if you're free to choose the Fire side during the game). In DS3, it looks like you're created by the followers of the Fire, that's why you're an "Unkindled Ash" with the mission of restoring the Fire. In my view (but i'm just starting the game, so...), you're like the equal of the DS1 player but in the other side... (sorry for my bad english).
By Anonymous
Except that the wasn't the curse of undeath a thing of the age of fire? Not the Age of Dark? I understood that age of fire was the time of gods but humankind suffered from undeath etc. and age of dark would end gods and undeath and start the reign of ordinary men (or the spreading of the Abyss, we don't know which would ultimately happen)
By Anonymous
he is buried because he was dead, with the death of fire there is no death(Nito from dark soul 1), so you are now a zombie like being that comes back after death, you are trying to find the lords to Save the fire or destroy it(ending choice) saveing it brings back death and everything goes back to normal until it starts to die again, putting it out makes mankind become godlike, but drives them insane turning them into monsters
By Anonymous
Before the age of fire, there was neither life nor death (at least as we understand them). Undeath is a result of life and death themselves dying. The Unkindled Ash is able to "live" again, to rise from his death, in part because death is dying. Only through the embers can he retain enough fire to have the semblance of life, the only life he has ever known.Why does he begin his quest? The only hint can be provided by the claim that ashes seek embers.
By Anonymous
in the lore section above it mentions that gwyn became the only lord of cinder out of those who have risen. personally I believe that this is set sevr\l cycles onwards and each of the lords of cinder once linked the flame.
By Anonymous
I agree that it has to be sever cylcles onwards, since the lore still knows the lords more than the lore in dks2, but less than dks1, and also because in dark souls 1 we seem to be the second to ever link the fire.Not too sure about the lords of cinder linking the flame, I think they are more like the most powerful beings the that cycle, and were either supposed to link it, or be gatekeepers to linking the flame, like the 4 lord souls were in dks1, a test of sorts.Or we might both be right, not too sure on the lore, but I think they at least act as gatekeepers for linking the fire
By Anonymous
Iudex means "Judge, Juror". Was Gundyr testing my mettle to see whether or not i am fit to restore the Lords of Cinder to their thrones?
By Anonymous
yes...i believe it even mentions that in the coil sword description *goes to check* yes here: "This sword is only bequeathed to chosen ash, as judged by the Iudex, who awaits the arrival of ash as a scabbard"
By Anonymous
What has happened to them? Is there any info in the game about them or they a not so important that they were forgotten?
By Anonymous
You can actually find statues of a primordial Serpent dressed in a nice garb at the room with the shortcut elevator leading up to the princes at lothric castle. The statues look very out of place - my guess its frampt, but could be either of them.
By Anonymous
Kaathe is mentioned when Yuria is killed
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
oolacile is also mentioned within the sorceries, but the thing is I've seen a lot of people mention that dark souls 2 is not related to 1 and 3. all I have to say is look into the lore of manus and each of the queens in 2 and ther's your link
By Anonymous
2 is involved within dark souls 3. At the profound capitol bonfire near Yhorm the giant, you can find Laddersmith Gilligan from dark souls 2 dead (possibly from falling off a ladder) He is the body you find the gesture 'Stretch out.'
By Anonymous
They try to tie in Dark Souls 1 more, but Dark Souls 2 is definitely still canon, and is still acknowledged. There are a few weapons and armour sets that are from DS2 in this game (Fume UGS, Drang armour), as well as a few references. The biggest connection is the existence of Creighton. Creighton exists as an actual character in both games, with the same armour, weapon, and attitude. However in DS3, you only find him by helping Sirris fight him off in her questline, and then he tries getting payback. He never says anything, but he's still there.
By Anonymous
While the first ending is just the perpetuation of the cycle, and either variation of the second seem to be leading in darkness, the hollowing ending seems to intrigue me. In Dark Souls 2, Vendrick says that the one to stop the curse will be able to tread between light and dark. I think with this ending, we get that. You take the cinders from the light and the defying to light the flame from the dark and decide to do it your own way. Reminds me of Dark Souls 2: Scholar's alternative ending where you don't take the throne and instead try to find your own way. Also with this, you don't just combine man (dark) and lords (fire), but also the undead/hollow/unkindled. I think that the third ending is right, given the evidence given by Scholar when Vendrick reverses your hollowing and tells you about one who treads in between. Thoughts?
By Anonymous
I agree with you as well, if we are to get any sort of souls game that's in the age of dark it would be this ending making it the true ending
By Anonymous
I agree with what you said concerning the third ending, but what I find even more intriguing is the variation of the second ending, when you kill the Firekeeper. You actually take the fire for yourself, you do not link it nor do you let it fade... It reminds me of the Pigmy from DS1, he took a soul for himself and gave it to others to create humanity, maybe there is a similarity ?
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