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By Anonymous
Ganks would be the easiest thing to beat if these didnt exist for filthy casuals.
By Sesquipedaliophobia
is it possible to cast this on an ally, or is it exclusive to yourself only?
By Anonymous
Exclusive to self, but it's super easy to get anyways
By Anonymous
Havel's Greatshield "Stone flesh" buff also removes this buff
By Anonymous
really useful if you rely on trade hits. this, leo ring, a thrusting weapon and buff your weapon with lightning or something, if you trade enough you earned your right to cast it
By Anonymous
but can it save you from curse?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Curse doesn't bring your HP to 0...
By Anonymous
I don't think so no
By Anonymous
Filthy try hard’s vest friend
By Anonymous
I know this sounds salty or dumb or whateaver, but i think the faith requirement should be higher, at least high enougth that the player needs to level some faith instead of just putting the priestess ring on. As it is now, every build can you this OP spell, wich isn't quite balanced to me, and this gets even worse by the fact that they bothered with stuff like weapon matchmaking and making crystal magic much less strong.
By Anonymous
Even a higher faith requirement wouldnt change much since every pvp build has 30 faith for dark infusion anyway, but I agree that on a more technical view its way too low
By Anonymous
In DS2 the faith requirement was 24, the spell took 3 slots (16 attunement and only one cast since no ashen estus), and lasted 4 minutes. The spell made more sense in that context, situational rather than universal appeal.
By Anonymous
June anon: 40 Faith would put it out of reach of physical/sorceror builds and make even Dark builds spend at least 5 more levels to abuse it. Pretty much only Faith builds (as intended) and pyros could use it then.
By Anonymous
With a SL19 cleric you can actually *INSTAKILL* players by casting a Lightning Spear at point-blank range on a single trade with a canvas talisman and having Morion's Blade, Awakening, Red Tearstone Ring, Lightning Clutch Ring and the miracle rings equipped. Tears of Denial makes it possible because you endure just enough for the buffs to proc!!
By Anonymous
I don't hate this spell because of what it does... I hate it because A N Y build can use it. It does not need to be a faith build in the slightest, since you only need 10 faith (with priestess ring) or 15 actual faith to use it without said ring. Should have made the faith requirement the same as DS2 (24), or even something like 30, since unlike how it functioned on a timer in DS2, this version is indefinite.
By Anonymous
How the **** do I git gud when gwyndo- I mean aldrich 1 shots me with like, 2 arrows??
By Anonymous
dodge the arrows lol
By Anonymous
As Dunkey said:
-Keep Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling...
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