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By freeze
can anyone explain how this spells works exactly?do we really go back to the DeS meta, where you absolutely needed to have 2nd chance?
By Anonymous
I doubt this spell will be an important part of the meta, although it could be in certain situations.Basically, you will survive an attack that would otherwise kill you, and you will be left with 1 HP.This might sound very good, but it only works ONCE. To survive another attack, you'll have to cast this miracle again - assuming you have another 100 FP left. If you invest in Ashen Estus, you MIGHT be able to use it multiple times per battle, but it's probably not worth the investment since... well... do you really expect to win if you had to run away in the middle of a fight with 1 HP to cast this?
By Anonymous
it only keeps you from dropping below 1 hp for one hit. So it just makes you slightly more durable. I don't really think anyone will really use it when it cost 100 focus and 2 attunement slots, thats a little much for any practical build.
By Anonymous
i think it works like when you about to die u will receive 1 more bit of health to escape and heal help
By Anonymous
it leaves you with 1 HP. so its a prevent death minus the heal, no where as strong as second chance which is a prevent death and heal. Also high 100 MP cost, higher than most spells
By Anonymous
Does not work in boss fight (crystal sage) (maybe all?)Activate once and stand backup when you die. Obtainable at miracle trader after freeing here. Might need to bring the first tome found in road of sacrifices
By Anonymous
this is second chance miracle from DeS!
By Anonymous
You can buff yourself and rest on the bonfire so it does regen your focus but it doesnt clears yout buff.Been doing it a lot in Boreal valley.
By Anonymous
removes deep protection on cast, propably removes sacred oath too, not tested yet
By Anonymous
Nope, Sacred Oath remains
By Anonymous
Thanks to it I beat Abyss Watchers as SL 11 cleric. All you need to do is cast this spell, use bonfire for FP and run to the boss. it is amazing for low level runs and will be even better in NG+.I might do SL1 run to NG+7 because of this spell.
By Anonymous
"Thanks to denial, I'm immortal!"
By Anonymous
I think that's either a Homer Simpson or Philip Fry quote
By Anonymous
So what if i cast this, sit tot he bonfire and swap it out for other spells? will the buff last?
By Anonymous
Yes it lasts. You can even attune in a different spell. You can basically cast this for free as long as you have the minimum requirements.
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