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I am currently in the grand Cathedral. Greirat went away on a quest previously came back successfully with new inventory. He went on another quest, missing from firelink

I met patches above firelink, and he's asking me for greirats location. Should I tell him or not? Patches seems to be way more expensive. Anyone know the best way to resolve this quest?

Thanks in advance, on mobile so sorry for formatting
Also I forgot to mention you can see his corpse laying there as well.
For me he disapeared after blade dancer since he asked to go looting again.
I told patches where greirat went and he followed after him. They both made it back after I beat the last lord of cinder (i already had two beaten when he asked to go to irithyll) and came back with new wares, but now he's asking to go to lothric castle. He seems very reluctant to go and I have no clue if i should let him.
Did you try looking around for him in the last area you sent him? (assuming you know where he asked to go) I wonder if he can die in several locations based on what you have or haven't completed yet. Cause for me he died the second time he left.
Hey, I don't know if there is an alternate ending to his quest or not, (not sending him or clearing the area first?) but if you start at the distant manor bonfire and go to the sewer area connected to the large lake outside and to the right (The place with the spider women with long hair) then go to the far back corner where you can see three creatures sitting around an item. When you pick up the item is Greraits Ashes. Guess he didn't make it too far...


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Where is his corpse?


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Could also use this answer. Just explored almost all of Irithyll and didn't find it.
in the area with all the hair skeleton.. things. there are 3 in the corner. his corpse is there.
just to add on to the earlier commet, for future readers if his is not in the sewer with the arm spider ladys that means he hasn't died yet
When you send Greirat away on his second mission, he will be killed, this is avoidable however, go to Patches AFTER you send Greirat out, Patches will ask where Greirat went, if you tell Patches where he went, Patches will also disappear, after I did this and killed Pontiff Greirat AND Patches had both returned. I didn't catch the dialogue when this happened but I assume Patches actually saves Greirat which prompts his return. Not sure if there are any additional quests after this, continuing my run now to see what happens.



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I can't trigger Patches to ask me where he went. Should i progress in the castle a bit to see how it goes ?
It's Siegward who saves him. If you talk to Greirat from him second return, he says an onion knight saves his life.
I have yet to kill Pontiff, Greirat has returned as well as Patches and I just gave Siegward his armor at the well. Patches does actually save Greirat while donning Sieg's armor.



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Hmmm others are saying Patches is the one who actually kills him so could anyone do some testing with this?
Should be super easy on PS4 with the PS+ cloud saving.
So this is interesting... I sent Greirat out on his second mission after I had already killed Pontiff. I then went to get Seigwald's armour from Patches so I could get him out of the well but he wouldn't sell anything to me until I told him where Greirat is, so I did....

Here's the weird part, after I killed my next boss, both Greirat and Patches were back! Greirat says the onion knight saved him but he's been stuck in the well the entire time! I wasn't able to get his armour until Patches and Greirat reappeared from his second mission.
to anyone who wants to save him. these criteria is what i had: Anri was standing at the bonfire at pontiff. Onion knight was sitting in the kitchen.
I don't believe you can save him in Lothric. He is destined to die here, found his ashes in a single run through without resetting/bonfire.
For some reason people seem to think patches kills greirat. Even though patches mentions that he is indebted to greirat and is probably asking for his location so he can save him. My first playthrough I sent greirat out for the second time and didn't tell patches or do siegward's questline, he never returned. My second playthrough I did siegward's questline and told patches when I sent greirat out for the second time. They both disappeared but later they both reappeared and greirat said he was saved by an onion knight. I just sent Greirat out for the third time and told patches where I sent him to because I really think patches will save Greirat because all patches ever talks about is how obsessed with Greirat he is.
and dont want to sell me anything, just talking that someone is dead... eh
Leave and return, He will be over grieving eventually.
The people wearing the Thrall hood are either slaves or Criminals. Greirat is in possession of Loretta's ring, and she is hanging in a settlement full of those wearing the thrall hood hiding all over the place. I think that one way or the other, he is Loretta's slave, and it's possible that ring marked him as such, and he is giving it back. I could be wrong about the ring part, but it seems very likely that Greirat was Loretta's slave. Just a conjecture.
He is underneath the tower on the wall bonfire not high wall.