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By Anonymous
i can't believe just how GOOD this weapon is, i plan out a build where i'm thinking lets say a rapier or a irythll sword. i get this and i just say sCREW It im using this again.
By Anonymous
Im a bit disappointed by the toxic comments here criticizing or defending this weapon. I made great experiences in the community of souls games but in pvp the community doesnt seem to be diffrent compared to cod sweaters or fortnite kids. It doesnt matter how good you are in a game if you cant behave.
My opinion.
Amazing chest ahead.
Try thrusting.
By Anonymous
Mail breaker evolves into estoc at level 16 and then into Astora greatsword at level 36
By Anonymous
Best looking weapon in the series imo, it's a shame the moveset isn't as pretty
By Anonymous
I love this weapon. 80/50 dex/fth with a sharp infusion and darkmoon blade and this deals like 700 damage per hit to other players. Plus it has absurd range for its speed and hyper armor, like other UGSs. And the skill is overpowered
By Anonymous
Dex is for those who like gae sex. Swap to the manly strength weapons if you got balls.
By Anonymous
This is basically a strength weapon but it scales better off a better stat lol
By Anonymous
based OP
By Anonymous
I love me some gae sex. Also 50 percent of my builds are strength builds. I guess that throws a wrench in your statement.
By Anonymous
if i have a quality build does that make me bisexual?
By Anonymous
yes quality makes you bi
By Anonymous
Is Ironic that Only Afro with Giant Dad meme that start all the "Dex is ***" thing turned out to be actually
By Anonymous
How about we replace every weapon in the game with a giant club that has an S scaling in strength I'm sure that would be fun
By Anonymous
You seem to like playing with thick clubs
So u dont have one on your own?
By Anonymous
>Implying *** sex Is bad
By Anonymous
Wow, that's just bigotted. Someone afraid of their masculinity being challenged or something?
By Anonymous
Agreed. Ledo's greathammer is the only viable choice because it scales off both testicles.
By Gabriel-NS-
This thing is so op lol. Scales very well with pretty much everything,low stat req,good WA so long as you don’t spam it like a * and is light as a feather.
By Anonymous
"OP" means overpowered. If you're talking about PvE, every ultra weapon is OP, but if you mean PvP then all ultras are pretty easy to handle. The only comp ones are the verticle swinging ones.
By Anonymous
Good alternative to the thrall axe if you want a good quality weapon that does massive damage at once
By Anonymous
How would this be an alternative? They have entirely different gameplay. That's like saying LS is a good alternative to SS because they both require faith (since the reason you gave was "quality weapon").
By Anonymous
lmao I love this suggestion xD
By Anonymous
Another good alternative to the thrall axe is crystal soul spear because it does massive damage at once
By Anonymous
What’s the consensus best infusion for this weapon?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Sharp and Lightning bring the highest damage. Blessed is pretty dang good too. Depends on what you want!
By Anonymous
go with sharp so you can still buff your weapon recommend levelling faith for better use
By Anonymous
Poison, obvs.
By Anonymous
^You jest, but this thing hits for 130 poison buildup at +9 alone. Poisons in 3 swings (even through I-frames), which allows me to swap to my blood wardens and pressure the **** out of people.
By Anonymous
dark or chaos for sl 200+
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