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I would like to know where this may be found


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I just added the item location + video guide
Temple of the deep go to cleansing chapel bonfire, and it's in the graveyard part.
I would like to know if this has good magic scaling with any infusion
With a chaos gem it's pretty good with high faith and int.
seems to have a/a int/faith scaling with chaos - very good for pyros
This weapon showed up in both the great swords and ultra great swords sections but which one is it really?
it says 'Ultra Greatsword' in the game.
This weapon is an ultra greatsword
It's in the graveyard where the giant shoots the big *** arrows. Just before the curse rotted tree bossfight.
FALSE. It's in Cathedral's of the deep graveyard with lots of respawning trash dudes.
its absurd how good this weapon is. Amazing move set
I wanted to like it but ultimately found it to be way too slow whenever I tried it and was always being punished by faster mobs. The damage output never beat the Astora Straight Sword either which hits almost as hard when upgraded and twice as fast.

I dunno, maybe it's just my play style but these great swords don't seem nearly as awesome as they were in DS1&2.
Dark souls 3 in general is a game that will disappoint you if you blindly go in with a DS1/2 mindset.
is that it's an UGS with the damage of a straightsword. Haven't found a weapon worse than this yet.
Try chaos infusion with a high int/faith. This is the UGS for pyros.
you dont even need to be pyro i run this sword with sharp infusion on a 16/40 build and buff with DMB and this sword is great the damage is a little low but when you get good with it its a monster
Anyone found this to be worth with the minimum eqiup stats + 40/40 or higher int+faith considering you then can't use carthus flame arc?
I'm only 20int/21 faith and at +9 chaos but it already has 441 AR. Considering int/faith scaling doesn't get efficient until 40+, I am also interested if anyone has used it with those stats higher than 40
This entierly depends if you're going to infuse it or not. If you're going to use the minimum equip stats without, say making it a chaos weapon. It would be beneficial for you to infuse it as a raw, fire or deep weapon as scaling will be entierly useless for you and you would still be able to buff it with your fire weapon pyromancy. However, if you infuse it with chaos, you will get int and faith scaling for it at the price of not being able to buff it with fire weapon.
It has an S scaling in Int. when fully upgradet and crystal infused. My buld has 18 Dex 18 Str. 50 Int. and do 610 damage.



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Better Int scaling then the Moonlight Gsword...