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Does anyone have an excess of dark gems they would like to drop. Farming has not been going well. Steam: Zarg9872
i dont have any but i do have some advice for you, have some patience
sorry to say homie but upgrade materials can't be traded. you can drop them but other players can't see them :( source: i tried to make +10 versions of all weapons with a lot of different infusions but i couldn't give myself materials from my other characters
at least you can make the deep dark sword


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Easiest Method to Farm: 1. Attune/Respec whatever you need to do to use fire spell like Chaos Bed Vestiges or Chaos Fire Orb(Ball?) OR use strong Fire AR weapon. 2. Crystal Sage Rapier and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (+3 obv best choice but whatever). 3. Spawn Dancer Bonfire, go up and left through Consumed Garden, ignore cathedral knights and spam fire spells from safe distant at Pus of Men or Slugs. Notes: this method is for lower levels looking to have to deal with Harald Legion Knights.(I am able to get at least 1 Gem every other run! RNG is RNG at SL22 +2) Harald Knights aren't so bad if you have a decent fire AR weapon with a critical modifier, along with hornet ring when you plunge attack them, however plunging isnt the easiest to pull off on smaller weapons, the legion knight also can't be in a hyper armor animation because youll just fall through them and do normal plunge damage. However as a l'm low level these guys can one shot me unless I'm embered so you're choice.


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Upgrade weapons by all means with the dark, or use dark blades on maximum raw weapons?
Also, improving the sunless bell increases your dark tongue damage. Thanks so great

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ok can you repeat that, but in english this time