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please check it again i wanna be sure this isn't a mistake
The basic undead that transform into dark monsters (like the tutorial boss) in Lothric drop them.
Do i need to kill them when they're transformed? Or can i just kill them before they do so?
Do infused weapons keep their original requirements to be wield?
Infusing a weapon with chaos removes the ability to buff out, does this do the same thing?
yes and it's sad :(
This RNG is cranked so high it's worse than destiny farming. What is the point of making this sh*t so f***ing hard to farm?
level up luck dude
all farming in this game is trash, even with 400+ item discovery, everything takes hours to get anything, its BS
im assuming your luck is trash, thats why its so hard to farm
Upgrading a weapon all the way with dark, or using dark blade on a maxed out raw weapon?

Also, does improving the sunless chime increase your dark blade damage.
if you mean the spell enchantment, then it'll probably deal more damage than a simple infusion, as it's a temporary buff you have to apply manually.
I'm a bit confused on the difference?
Dark Gem is to Deep Gem as Chaos Gem is to Fire Gem. Deep and Fire infusions add dark and fire damage at the cost of scaling while Dark and Chaos infusions add dark and fire damage that scales with INT and Faith.
Dark scales with faith and intelligence, and is more effective (in most cases).

Deep loses most stat scaling, and is less effective.
does this scale like dark spells with 30/30 or does it scale like weapons and its 40/40?
must 40/40...
Will the snake mutants in the consumed kings garden drop these as well or just the ones on the high wall? Looking for a good farm spot.
all mutant snakes drop them
Slugs in the garden do too btw