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dammit that is unfair



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I'm hoping at the VERY least it's five times per playthrough. So you get another five shots in NG+, etc. And based on the Fex & Cas footage, you have to go really out of your way to get to her. So no insta-respec at the beginning of a new playthrough like in Dark Souls 2 if you had some leftover Soul Vessels with you. Hopefully if you want to start a new build from scratch before starting NG+ it'll allow you to warp here to do so after finishing the final boss instead of taking you straight to the credits and NG+ immediately.
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oh hmmm ng+
Wrong. Be happy to can re-spec. I'm not but I'm not complaining.
what are her 3 dialogue choices?
You actually DON'T need a tounge to respec!
1) The first one is to offer a tongue to deapen your devotion to covenant.

2) The second is to offer a tongue for a respec.

3) The third one is to offer a tongue for an appearance change.

I only played the game in japanese, but i am almost 99% sure both options two and three also consume a tongue as an item.
Where are the three levers I found only two! The third I can't find and patches has already made his trap.. What should I do?


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The third lever was hard to find.
You have to jump down to it from the ceiling area.
It's very tricky, from the chapel bonfire, you have to take the second shortcut and go up the elevator, kill the balista dude and go around on the edge of the entrance he was guarding, do not fall down, then you go up the stairs, kill the other guy and jump down on the roof, then that part is kind of hard, but after you kill everything, go inside the cathedral through one of the entrances and jump down on a platform on the other side, after that there's only one way to go.
@Weyu, can you be more specific?
Do you get 5 more rebirths in new game+? Wondering if we can respec 5 times PER PLAYTHROUGH. The game text says "Rebirth can be performed -- more times 'during this lifetime.'
its per playthrough, I've respecced like 7 times now and I'm on NG+2
Is there a way to change your class?
well. i guess you are new to dark souls. well.. there isnt really a "class". the class you choose at the beginning just defines your beginning stats. you can choose a knight but end up as a soccerer as well.
Class do matter, if you are really strict about points redistribution. I think you can't change it.
This isn't a good enough description on how to get to her
1st part of leveling up in covenant grants you the Obscuring Ring . Obscures wearer while far away.
She doesnt drop anything...i know as i accidentally killed her
Yeah I killed her too without thinking she was an npc. Thought she was some form of boss. Whoops.
Do I have to wait until next playthrough to get her soul .-.