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By Anonymous
A drop attack will oneshot it if done from the right spot.
By Anonymous
drop Dragon Head Stone , help find Dragon Torso Stone?
By Anonymous
#15748107 thank you :)
By Anonymous
Dragon torso is in the Irithyll Dungeon past a room with 2 large rats at the bottom of the dungeon.
By Anonymous
his weak spot is head, 1 shot by jumping attack
By Anonymous
How do u get to this boss:area
By Anonymous
There are a serit's of steps, the last of which is to use the path of the dragon emote at the little dragon shrine to teleport here. Look for a walkthrough.
By Anonymous
Are there any special rewards for beating him without cheese. Because honestly killing him by smacking his tail is seems like it would be *****ing easy if you had a long enough weapon like a large club. I have seen ppl rock this ***** out of his tail. Fail to pay attention to when he does tail sweep and get rocked and give up on doing it the hard way even though it seems pretty *****ing easy considering he doesn't do any attacks you cant dodge while you are underneath him. Also can you maybe cut his tail off and get a special weapon like dragon tail weapons in DS1 or naw?
By Anonymous
dragon head stone
By Anonymous
Her level was only 9...
By Anonymous
even the *****ing Asylum Demon can't 1-shotted from a jump attack.
By Anonymous
Well to be fair the Asylum Demon fought some guy who was in a jail cell while the Wyvern's head got jumped by a guy who has been cutting off heads and putting them on chairs.
By Anonymous
Ceaseless Discharge, though...?
By Anonymous
I didn't know you could OHKill it, so I fought it like any Boss, you should too instead of complaining.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
in my game this guy killed himself lol :)
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