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By Anonymous
Is this the only boss without a second phase?
By Anonymous
Accidentally glitched the boss into a wall and didnt realize untill i was ready to do the plunge attack. Thankfully, morion blade and lightning arrow were able to deal decent damage and kill it. Only time i ever killed the wyvern without the plunge attack
By Anonymous
NG+3 gives 157,500 souls upon defeating this boss, just did it with no increased souls drop items (i.e. Silver Serpent Ring, Shield of Want, etc.)
By Anonymous
People call ds2 *******, honestly this is probably one of if not THE worst boss in the series
I hesitate to even call it a boss, its a **** gimmick
Worst thing is it may be optional but you have to fight this guy if you want to fight arguably one of the best bosses in the series
By Anonymous
Even as a ginmick this is still better than most of DS2's completely forgettable bosses.
By Anonymous
I beat this guy just by staying under him and hitting his ankles, it took forever but I didn't have to deal with any annoying snake people and my estus was almost empty towards the end. But its definitely doable, and quite easy to time the dodges. You just need to bear with the long battle time. Put a podcast or twitch stream on while you're doing it xD
By Anonymous
My strat was staying under ham and pinging his tail with the tip of vordt's great hammer. Hitting the tail does full damage but it's like swinging at a ****ing pinata.

Didn't take forever but it was tedious af.
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