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Hope the damage is meaty, and it might be worth using. The tackle skill is a nice touch to help when you are up close.
I used to keep a Knight's Crossbow +5 and a Longbow +5 on me until I got the Arbalest. IIRC, at +4 it was better than the Longbow, so now I only keep the Arbalest on me. Helps for getting those running chuggers who invade me. Plus it reloads and fires much quicker than my Longbow.
The fex and cas video is just of it dropping based on RNG.
So far this has carried me through some of the more annoying bosses that felt like stamina challenges. Couldn't live without it.
why? it has no scaling.
Basically pure strength builds just can't use much else, and greatbows are slow
You need 18 STR to be able to wield it.
Even bows with decent strength scaling, Composite and Dragonrider, require more Dex than a pure strength build would invest. And without dex one can't wield the Avelyn either, or the Sniper crossbow if one prefers it. It's powerful for pure strength builds because it's the strongest bow-weapon available for the warriors 9 base dexterity.


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I think it's a great alternative to the avelyn. I don't know why but I just feel like its more accurate, maybe its because that one shot makes me try to time its shots better I don't know. lol

Once loaded, it shoots very fast one handed so it makes for a surprisingly strong ranged surprise when switched to. Plus it looks badass.
So, compared to the light crossbow for example, which only has the base damage, why does the arbalest have (base) + (scaling) for damage? The screen says it has no scaling.
Crossbows unfortunately have no scaling
I believe with the Pontiff Right Eye it has scaling though. Otherwise it doesn't scale upwards.
most gamebreaking weapon in pvp with exploding bolts free aimed at the ground dealing always 200-350 damage interrupting each *****in time nearly every move, it's so op, love to troll with it lol
For all you non weeaboos out there this is arbelest's location
Thanks. Most of the time the Fextra video location is total*****. This helped a lot
The stagger on this looked to almost break my character's back when they were hit. With the new poise rules, if you don't have a lot of poise it WILL stagger you.